Super Pollo Among Us Explore The Details Here!

It’s in Super Pollo Among Us, we will discover the chicken nugget from Among Us and the unique thing in it, that it is getting a lot of attention.

Are you Among Us game lover? In addition do you enjoy chicken nuggets? Why do we ask these two distinct questions, that have a connection to the game, while the other one is about the taste?

You may notice these distinctions, but many people in Chile discovered some similarities between Chile and Chile. Are you interested in knowing what this is? Let’s talk about the details within the Super Pollo Among Usposts. Super Pollo Between Usposts.

What’s the latest news?

“Among Us” Us is a well-known game that is attracting the attention of many. The game was developed by Innersloth which is which is an American game studio, and was is influenced by Mafia, which is a game for parties.

However, there has been some recent news that shows a chicken nugget-themed Among us is sold at USD 99,997. This makes this the highest priced chicken nugget sold in the world. Yes! You have heard the correct price.

If you aren’t convinced by it, read on and be aware of the details about it.

What’s the motivation for Nuggets Among Us Super Pollo that is so expensive?

The primary reason for it to be expensive is the shape inspired by its theme, which is the Among Us game crew member. In reality, the popularity of the sport makes it so expensive.

Another reason why it’s so expensive is the fact that an internationally renowned chef cooks it. It’s included in McDonald’s BTS Meal and Polinza who is an eBay user, bought the item for about $100,00.

Does the delivery take place to this particular order?

Super Pollo Nuggets Among Us was part of McDonald’s and BTS special meals. In the first days of auctions, the item was offered 149,000. The news was then spread on the internet after 183 bids and the auction ended with close to $100,000. It’s surprising that the identity of the buyer is yet to be revealed and is kept a in the dark.

The food was frozen Then it was vacuumed, sealed and vacuumed to guarantee freshness and preserve for a longer time.


There are many crazy things happening in the globe; what we witnessed today was only one of the examples. If you’re looking to find Super Pollo among Us We hope that you’re conscious of the fact that it exists. It is possible to read about the news in the Guinness World Record 2023 book.

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