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SuziRuffell Wife SuziRuffell is a British comedian who is known for her relatable humor, and clever storytelling. Her personal life includes her marriage and motherhood, which she often draws on for inspiration. Alice Storey, a comedian who is also married to Suzi, recently welcomed their first baby.

We will be looking at Suzi Ruffell’s personal life, relationship with her husband and daughter, as well her collaborations with comedians. A few frequently asked questions will be answered about her personal life.

Table. Suzi Ruffell’s Personal life

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SuziRuffell: The Comedian and Her Wife, with Their Daughter

Suzi Ruffell is a British comedian well-known for her funny and relatable stories. Her stand-up comedy is often about her personal life including her marriage and motherhood. This article will provide more insight into her personal and marital lives, as well her daughter.

SuziRuffell Wife Alice Storey

Alice Storey, Suzi Ruffell’s wife, is a comedian and performer at various comedy festivals throughout the UK. The couple were married in 2019. They often post photos of each other on social media. Alice is also a writer, and has contributed to TV shows like “The Now Show”, and “Mock the Week.”

SuziRuffell Baby: Their journey to parenthood

Alice Storey, Suzi Ruffell, and Alice Storey welcomed their first baby in December 2021. Before their daughter was born, the couple were open about their struggle with fertility and the IVF process. Suzi makes fun of her new role as parent in stand-up comedy and makes audiences laugh through her relatable stories.

Suzi and Alice Ruffell: A Powerful Couple

Alice and Suzi are more than just partners in their lives. They have performed together in many comedy shows including “Suzi Ruffell, Alice Fraser: Power Couple” as well as “Suzi Ruffell, Alice Snedden; Work in Progress”. Their performances often focus on their relationship and personal experiences.

Jenbrister: Suzi and Alice’s Friend

Jen Brister, a comedian, is also close to Suzi & Alice. She frequently appears in their social media posts, and is often credited with introducing them to one another. Jen is also mother to her son, and they often share their parenting stories with one another.

Suzi Russell Partner: Alice Storey

Alice Storey, Suzi Ruffell’s wife and partner, is Alice Storey. After being together for several decades, the couple married in 2019. Alice is also a comedian. They often collaborate on their comedy shows. They live in London together, with their daughter.

SuziRuffell Daughter: Their new role as parents

Suzi Ruffell, Alice Storey and their daughter were welcomed in December 2021. They have been trying to adjust to their new role of parents. The couple frequently shares their parenting experiences via social media, making it easy for their followers to laugh at their relatable stories.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).

  1. How did Suzi and Alice Ruffell meet?

Suzi Ruffell says that Alice met Jen Brister through a mutual friend.

2. Can Suzi Ruffell or Alice Storey work together?

Yes, Suzi is often seen with Alice in comedy shows like “Suzi Russell and Alice Fraser: Power Couple” (Suzi Ruffell, Alice Fraser: Power Couple) and “SuziRuffell, Alice Snedden, Work in Progress”.

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