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The Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews article discussed an alleged rumour about an agency for real estate.

Are you looking for a real estate agency? Are you looking to purchase an estate? Are you familiar with the Svn J Beard Real Estate? If not, the review of Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews article will give you truthful and reliable information about the subject. Recently, individuals who are from United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines are interested in information about real estate.

Reviews On SVN J Beard Real Estate

Review of the services offered by this company are not all positive. A few people are extremely satisfied and pleased with the service they receive, but a lot of clients aren’t. Negative reviews are more frequent than positive ones. The official Facebook page of the company is not accessible and the official website must be updated.

The people who have left reviews on Yelp are usually dissatisfied by the facilities that the Svn J Beard Real Estate Houston TX has offered them. There are issues with the building, such as leaky ceilings, a harrowing incident in the building, and so on. Some have even claimed that their employees were rude and incompetent during their business.

Why is SVN J Beard Real Estate Trending?

Recently, a controversy surrounding an employee of this real estate firm has become to the forefront of the internet. A TikTok creator known as La Bonita had allegedly been intimidated by two girls during Huston’s Game of Astros in Huston. She claimed that two girls sitting behind her were chatting about her and laughing at her as she took video of everything. The video was viewed by millions on all the major social networks including Twitter. When she began recording a video and one of the girls was seen to flash her thumb.

The girls were slammed on the internet, and they were quickly identified by their names as well as all personal information. According to reports one of them works in a real estate company which has been shut down for good. The truth is she isn’t employed there, in addition, the limestone company has been amalgamated with a different firm, SVN J Beard, in 2021. According to sources, the merger was reported by an ex-boyfriend, who also discussed the amount of hate he’s been subjected to for this incident, even though he’s not a part of the controversy.

Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews & Public Reaction

According to reports, shortly following La Bonita’s TikTok clip of La Bonita was made viral, people began to express hate towards both girls. They soon discovered their accounts and began digging for dirt about the girls. In a nutshell: people online began to slam the perpetrators. In turn, they began writing negative comments on feedback page of SVN J Beard as well as pictures of girls.

After a while, Netizens realized they had done the same thing to the girls, as they did with La Bonita. To date no official statement has been released by Bonita regarding this issue. This is the reason why the the Svn J Beard Real Estate Reviews section was not working and is being discussed in social media.


SVN J Beard is a real estate firm that has been trending for a while and has been the subject of rumors that is probably false. It is believed that the La Bonita Bully video has gone viral and some are linking to one among the victims (a girl) to this company and asserting that she is employed there, which isn’t the case. She could be an employee of the Limestone agency which was later submerged in SVN J in 2021. For more information go here.

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