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Tammy Parra Twitter: We will talk about what is happening between her and her relationship to her boyfriend.

What do you think of Tammy Parra’s split? What is the relationship between her ex-husband and her? What does the relationship reveal about them? People all over the globe are discussing Omar’s apology and Tammy’s official breakup announcement. We are sharing Tammy Parra’s Twitter message and Omar’s reply via this post.

What’s the latest news about Tammy Parra

Omar Nunez, Tammy Parra, and Tammy Parra are the latest news as their unexpected breakup. Tammy made the announcement that she was ending her relationship with Omar via a TikTok Video. Omar’s public apology was made through two stories, in which he referred to how he failed all of these. Before their split, they were in Paris, France.

What’s in Tammy Parra Tiki Tok video?

She posted a TikTok video saying that she was going to divorce her fiance. She stated that she is a lady who doesn’t need men, and she was not interested in having a husband. She said this because Omar has been unfaithful.

She stated that her golden rule is to let go of people who don’t respect and value you. She said that she lost a man she did not respect, but that he had lost a cool woman.

What did she have to say about his relationship with him?

People began to talk about Tammy Parra Infidelidad after she posted her message on social media. Tammy Parra explained that life is like a roller coaster. There are ups and downs. She was close to him, and it hurt. But she’s happy that she showed her loyalty. She still can’t believe that a man could forget his partner.

What was Omar’s message about Tammy?

Tammy Parra Instagram account was contacted by Omar to share two stories. He then cried for the error that caused their separation. Parra was shocked to learn that Omar had sent them suggestive messages via Instagram. The influencer tried to disable the temporary mode on Instagram so that the messages would disappear.

According to sources, he claimed that he was paying the price for all his mistakes and had broken up with Tammy. He also said that he regrets sending and using photos and regretted it. Tammy Parra’s Instagram account shows that he described her as an extraordinary, golden woman with which he had everything. He made one of the most terrible mistakes in his life.


Omar Nunez and Tammy Parra’s breakup is the talk in town. Omar posted a tweet from deep regret to Tammy, who ended their relationship. The tweet video of Omar can be viewed here.

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