Tawjihi .Com {Aug} Explore Various Feature, Authenticity

You can read exclusive reviews about Tawjihi.com or Tawjihi.Ma for more information on the services and their features.

Tawjihi.com has been extensively searched online in Morocco. Tawjihi.com makes use of the naming conventions that are used by domain types to make this possible. Did you know that although the website name may be identical, their domain names will differ by adding ‘.co.’,.com, etc. ?

Would you like to know more about Tawjihi’s website? Let’s now look at Tawjihi.com.

About Tawjihi

In Jordan, Palestine and Morocco, the term Tawjihi can be used in explicit terms. Tawjihi is a certificate or degree in secondary education. Students in Morocco will enroll for Al-Tawjeehi after completing two years pre-school education and ten years basic education.

The enrollment date for Tawjihi 2022 has been released by the education department in Morocco. The LEGITIMATE website for applications is Tawjihi.Ma. It’s open from 2nd to 5th August 2022. Students search for the official website to apply – Tawjihi.Ma, but they end up at Tawjihi.com.

There are a few pages on social media that tutors created to invite students to their classes. These social media pages featured the word Tawjihi.com. Students also find Facebook pages through the search engine.

Tawjihi.com’s legitimacy and features:

Tawjihi.com hosts default links from education-related sponsors. Tawjihi.com was launched 21 May 2002. It’s twenty-two years, two and fourteen days old. Tawjihi.com was updated on 8th December 2018. The Tawjihi.com Registration will expire on 21 May 2024.

Tawjihi.com has a trust rank of 60%, a business ranking of 65.1% and a low Alexa Ranking at 11,495,827. Its IP is protected by a valid SSL certificate. This certificate will be valid for 363 days. Tawjihi.com has a secure HTTPS connection and offers services through a single server located in the USA.

About Tawjihi.ma

Tawjihi.Ma, an official website of the education department in Morocco, is here. Students can find information about the training programs, terms, calendar, etc.

Tawjihi.ma is compared to Tawjihi.com :

Tawjihi.Ma launched on 12 July 2018. It is now four years old and twenty-two. Tawjihi.Ma has been updated since 12th August 2021. Tawjihi.Ma registration expired on 12th of July 2022.

Tawjihi.Ma has a Trust Rank 68%. It uses valid HTTPS protocol. It does not have an SSL certificate for its IP address Some internet browsers might not be able to display the site.


Tawjihi.Ma, a legitimate website, is owned by The Budget and General Affairs Directorate. Tawjihi.Ma is a website that allows you to apply online for Tawjihi 2022. Tawjihi.Ma has been extensively viewed since the first applications for Tawjihi 2022 have begun. Tawjihi.com may be a legitimate search engine. Tawjihi.com should only be used by experienced internet users due to its average trust Rank .

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