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The Happiest Girl Alive This book , outlines the specifics of the book, and also provides the summary and synopsis.

Are you the kind of person who reads for hours hours? Which one would you pick either a mystery or romance novel? Novels can take us to various worlds. One such novel is currently being made into a film and has received a huge responses from the citizens of Canada, the United States, Canada,the United Kingdom. In this post we’ll discuss the book The Lucky Girl in the World Book.

Current news

The other day, Netflix released its new trailer for the project, titled “Luckiest Girl Alive”, that is trending on the internet. It’s a remake from the best-selling novel in New York called “The Luckiest girl alive”.

It’s a thriller which was published in 2015 and has 17 chapters. This was the first novel by American novelist Jessica Knoll. and Simson &Schuster, Macmillan are the book’s publishers. The book was published in several countries. The book has received a positive review from readers. Therefore, Netflix is deciding to produce a film adaptation of the novel starring Mila Kunis.

Luckiest Girl Alive Synopsis

The story is about the character Anifanelli. Everyone wanted to live like Anifanelli as it seemed perfect with a job that was good and a loving fiancé Luke Harrison. But there were some hidden secrets from her past that haunted her daily.

In the time she was in highschool, she experienced several attacks and heartbreaking school shootings and gang molestation. and caused stress throughout her entire life. When she sought assistance, nobody believed her and instead , began to harass her. These experiences left deep scars in her head, causing concerns about her identity and what she needed.

Summary of the book

The Most Luckiest Girl in the World The story tells the story of a 28-year old successful woman. The story began when Ani was willing to be a part of the documentary film that was created to commemorate an anniversary celebration of the school shootings as she was a victim of the tragedy of a school shooting during her lifetime, in which she was witness to five deaths. She was a student at Bradley School, which is the Bradley School, which houses Ani’s secretive thoughts.

The anniversary event triggers memories of her past experiences and she reveals everything to Luke but he refuses to take everything in. Later she uncovers the truth behind the previous incidents , and is able to appreciate the power of facing every aspect.

A book for females

The Happiest Girl Alive The book is a book that has stunning endings in which the whole suffering of Ani was dealt with, including Ani’s decision of breaking up the relationship she had with Luke and will be able to pinpoint her needs and goals of her life. Then Ani begins a new chapter in the form of Tifani Fanelli.

The books deal with the most common problems women face and their trauma from childhood. Therefore, the author Jessica tackled each subject and tied it to the life of Ani and how she finally confessed everything, and how the confession put her at peace.


The Happiest Girl alive Book provided the specifics on the novel. The book provides insight into current issues such as the psychological effects of bullying the use of molestation in mass shootings peer pressure, and more. The book has become an instant bestseller because there are times when all we need is a little assistance to tackle our problems. The book has helped many individuals in their lives. Find out more information regarding the publication by clicking here.

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