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Find exclusive reviews about Tiket WWW Ancol A website that makes reservations for hotels, picnics, restaurants, and resorts.

Are you planning to go on a vacation to Indonesia? Are you searching for the most suitable places to enjoy outside activities within Jakarta? After a hectic working schedule, do desire to relax on a weekend by a picnic spot? When you are planning outings, do you wish to get discounts that are exclusive?

Are you considering the bundle deal offered by one travel service provider? If so, then we suggest you look into the reviews of Tiket’s WWW Ancol.

The validity of Ancol.com:

Ancol.com is a well-known site that has been registered in Jakarta for a lengthy period starting on January 5, 1999. It’s a 23 years seven months and 12 days old site. The last update was on November 22nd, 2019. Ancol has a lengthy life time frame, expiring after five years 4 months and 18 days on January 5, 2028.

Ancol is also known as Jakarta or Jakarta, and ancol.com is an authorized site that has a high confidence index, 96%. an outstanding business rank of 100 percent with a high Alexa rank of 161,142 and an extremely very low score for suspicion of just 11 percent. Thus, ancol.com is a legitimate website.

about WWW.ancol.com Tiket :

Ancol.com is a website for commercial use offering tourism and travel services in Indonesia. It offers services to corporates and individuals , selling tickets to events, shows, vehicle rentals, entertainment hotels and resort reservations reservation for restaurant reservations, Etc.

Ancol.com offers special discounts of over 25% off annual passes as well as ordinary tickets.

  • Fantasy world,
  • Sea World Ancol,
  • Ocean Dream Ocean,
  • Atlantis Water Adventure, and
  • Ancol Entry Ticket.

The system also offers regular tickets for only:

  • Augustine Phinisi,
  • Faunaland as well as
  • Ancol Gondola.

Many user reviews gave ancol.com higher than 4/5 stars. However they were based on the availability of tickets for specific services and locations. In addition, numerous YouTube videos also offered favorable feedback about The Tiket WWW Ancol Web in relation to a specific picnic location.

Specifications that are part of ancol.com:

Ancol.com makes use of Ancol.com’s HTTPS connection to transfer information. The IP is registered with an SSL certificate that will last for the next 162 consecutive days. Ancol did not provide any information regarding the privacy and terms of service policy. Furthermore, it did not provide a mission or purpose statement.

It is believed that the Government of Jakarta owns 72 percent of ancol.com and 18% is owned of which is owned by PT Pembangunan Jaya, and 10% is a public-float. Ancol.com has a help section on its site; however, only the contact information of the “contact us” page are available.

Ancol can also be downloaded as an Android and iOS application. Tiket Web www Ancol Com app is a great app for special offers like free drinks packages, tickets for recreation additional discounts, as well as lower prices for packages of four when placing orders through Ancol’s app. Ancol app.


Ancol review of the app and website concludes that ancol.com is an authentic ticketing service. Ancol.com received a top trust score with a business rank, an excellent Alexa score and a low suspicion score. Ancol.com is owned and operated by Jakarta. Government of Jakarta owns it. Ancol.com received positive reviews from customers and scores. It offers genuine services to.

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