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Toby Anstis partner:-Toby Anstis has been entertaining his audience for more than 20 years. He is well-known for his charismatic personality and incredible voice. This has made him one the most beloved presenters in the UK. Toby Anstis has never been shy about sharing his personal life despite his popularity. This article will address some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Toby Anstis and his partner, marital status, as well as sexuality.

Toby Anstis is a Partner:

Anstis is in a relationship since 2019 with Cassie Bancroft. The couple have been spotted together numerous times, and it seems that they are very happy together. Toby and Cassie went on a spa weekend in the Cotswolds in October 2020. They posted photos from their trip on Instagram. While it’s not known how long Cassie has been with Toby, it seems like they are still together.

Is Toby Anstis Gay?

Toby Anstis does not consider himself gay, despite the rumors that circulate on social media. While there have been many rumors about Toby’s sexuality throughout the years, Toby has maintained that he is straight. Toby has had many relationships with women, including Cassie Bancroft his current girlfriend. There is nothing wrong in being gay. But it is important to respect others’ sexual preferences and not spread false information.

Toby Anstis Wife

Toby Anstis was never married. Although he has been in relationships before with several women including Anna Friel, Priscilla Pressley and others, he never got married. Anstis also spoke out about his desire to have children, and perhaps marriage is something he’s considering.

Is Toby Anstis single?

Toby Anstis currently has a relationship with Cassie Bancroft. The couple have been together since October 2020. It seems that they are still going strong.

Is Toby Anstis Divorced?

Toby Anstis was never married. He has been in relationships in the past with several women, but he has never taken up the vows to marry.


NameToby Anstis
OccupationPresenter for radio and television
Date of birth14 February 1970
BirthplaceNorthampton, England
EducationUniversity of Westminster (BA Hons.)
PartnerCassie Bancroft
Net WorthPS1 Million
Notable workHeart FM Breakfast show, The Broom Cupboard host (CBBC).

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