Trust Wallet Kyc Scam {Aug 2022} Check The Real Info.!

The guide explains fake email messages that attempt to perform trust Kyc’s Wallet Scam .

Did you receive an email informing you to sign an Trust Wallet KYC online? Eight months ago the same fraud was reported by a web user who claimed that he was sent an email asking him to confirm his account and submit the online KYC.

Similar emails have been sent to users of wallets and urging them to finish their Know Your Customer online verification. However, this is an effort to steal personal information of the users therefore, such scams are to be avoided. It is believed that the trust Wallet Kyc Scamhas been targeted numerous users from Australia.

What is the KYC Scam in Trust Wallet?

Verification of Know Your Customer is the newest procedure and is the standard for all financial platforms. Because Trust Wallet is an online financial wallet, people are unsure whether the service will require verification of Know Your Customer verification , or not.

Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet application, which is the most reliable platform to transfer money in addition to Crypto coins. Users and crypto investors utilize it. However, it’s becoming newsworthy in recent times, particularly following the KYC fraud.

A lot of users are receiving email or text messages asking users to update their KYC in order to use the wallet. However, this is fraud.

How Does Trust Wallet Scam Text Look Like?

These scammers send spam email texts to users across Australia. The users are receiving emails from an email address which appears legitimate. As per sources, users are getting email text from “,” and the email text reads, “Your wallet account is not KYC verified.”

The text message reminds users to complete an online verification in order to continue using the services. After verification is completed the account will be KYC confirmed. A lot of users were hit with the same fraudulent text last year and it was documented on the internet. However, a mobile wallet online such as Trust Wallet doesn’t need any KYC verification for access to the services. This could be a scam that must be avoided.

Does Trust Wallet Need to Verify KYC?

Trust Wallet isn’t

Sk users are asked to confirm the validity of their KYC information. It’s a non-custodial online wallet in which the funds as well as the information are safely stored through cold storage. The wallet is run by a decentralized setting in which every user has the ability to manage their accounts.

As it’s a decentralized platform it is not necessary to divulge personal information or verify KYC for accessing its services. Therefore, the email sent to confirm KYC is a fresh Trust KYC Wallet Scam that should be kept away from.


The wallet is making spotlight because a lot of users are receiving fake emails urging to confirm your KYC details. After looking into the matter, we found that one user had reported an identical fraud in the past. Users have reported receiving fraudulent emails in order to confirm their KYC information. Because Trust Wallet is a decentralized platform, it won’t require personal information or require KYC. The email you receive is not a legitimate Trust Wallet KYC Scam. Read the article on how to.

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