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This write-up about Tupi South Cotabato Accident details an incident that occurred recently in a busy highway. Read to determine whether the crash has resulted in deaths.

Did the Cotabato incident a disaster? Did there happen to be any deaths in the Cotabato incident? A lot of people from the Philippines have been concerned since the news about the accident came out on news channels. They are concerned about individual’s well-being as well as whether or not they survived.

The incident occurred in South Cotabato, Tupi, an unintentional vehicle caused a collision with a minimum of 14 vehicles on a busy highway, crushing about two people instantly, and injuring 14. Find out more information about the Tupi South Cotabato accident on this blog article.

What has happened in recent times within South Cotabato?

The majority of victims of the latest accident at South Cotabato were students. They were all waiting for rides from a private institution when the ten-wheeler truck struck them. The director of PDRRMO, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, South Cotabato, Rolly Aquino explained that the truck with ten wheels was on its way across General Santos Coty to this city.

As it was approaching the part that glides along the busy highway, it may be unable to control the brakes.

Tupi South Cotabato Accident:

The incident in South Cotabato occurred on Friday 23rd September 2022, at a time that was past the time of 06:00 a.m. The vehicle smashed through the busy highway and rammed cars in its path when it lost all control over its brakes.

Aquino said in a news interview in a news interview that “they are all trying to determine the exact amount of victims who were killed and those injured,” referencing a video footage of the incident that users shared on social network websites. But all of the those who died in Tupi South Cotabato Accident Tupi South Cotabato Accident appear to be young.

Did the victims of the accident happen to students?

The officials involved stated that the accident was caused by a rash truck which struck a small car which struck a number students of SEAIT which is the South East Asia Institute of Technology Incorporated.

They were seeking an alternative method of transportation along the side of the highway. During the incident, the truck struck several vehicles following losing control. The result was Tupi South Cotabato accident and also causing damage to several vehicles. Officials have yet to determine the number of people who survived and the number who died. But, two people have victims died in the South Cotabato incident.


Based on the PRC and the Philippine Red Cross, 14 vehicles, which included five tricycles, motorbikes as well as the Yellow Bus and three pick-up vehicles and three SUVs, as well as the truck with a swerve were involved in the accident that took place on the 23rd of September 2022.

In addition, look at the South Cotabato incident here .Have you seen the video that shows incident Tupi South Cotabato Accident? Please share the event in the comments section.

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