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Tyre Nichols Full Video, Nichols died from his injuries on January 10, three days after he was pulled over in a traffic stop by five officers from the Memphis Police Department.DISTURBING body camera footage of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols being punched and kicked in the face by cops while screaming for his mother has led to outrage and protests across the US.


Tyre Nichols Police in Memphis and other major US cities prepared for mass protests prior to the video’s publication.

Protesters have been seen in New York City, Chattanooga, Atlanta and where Georgia State Patrol vehicles were being seen transporting National Guard troops.

Three people were arrested following a Times Square protest that attracted more then 1,000 people.

A group of protestors marched in Sacramento to demand justice. They also marched past the Capitol Building.

Los Angeles cops reacted when protestors attempted to remove barriers from the LAPD headquarters.

The person who spray-painted “kills”, under the name Police, on Headquarters side by side was not aware of it

Nichols’ family supported the protests, but wanted peaceful demonstrations.


Five fired employees, Demetrius (Tadarrius) Bean, Demetrius Hayley, Emmitt Mar III, Desmond Mills Jr., and Justin Smith were indicted last Friday.

Tyre Nichols. They were all members of the “Scorpion”, which focuses on violent crime.

They were also convicted of kidnapping as well assault and official misconduct.

Fourteen out of five of five suspects have been released under bail.

Martin and Mills lawyers indicated that their clients would plead guilty. However, representatives from the three other parties have yet not commented.

Nichols was an employee of FedEx. His family and friends recall him as a keen skateboarder and skilled photographer.

Tyre Nichols, what’s his fate?

Tyre Nichols Full-Video Tyre Nichols, a 29 years old man was arrested. The five officers punched, kicked, and beat Tyre until he went unconscious.

Reports state that Tyre Nicks Arrest video was used by the cops to get angry at him and he tried fleeing from them. Tyre later died from his injuries.

It is possible to sue the cops

The officers stood aside while Nichols suffered from pain and was being held against his car.

All five officers who were involved in the incident were fired. They were also accused of second-degree killing and other crimes, Reuters reported. Tyre Nichols Full Vide.

A family member compared the tragedy to Rodney King beating by Los Angeles police officers in 1991.

Cerelyn Cerelyn Davis, Memphis Police Department Director, described the acts as “heinous & reckless” and said they are still looking for evidence that Nichols drove recklessly.

The President Biden made a statement stating that he was horrified and “deeply wounded” by the video.

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This post summarises what happened to Tyre Nickels. We pray justice is done for his family. We pray that the deceased is at peace.

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