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Are you interested in knowing whether Ultiht .com an enigma or a reputable online store? If so, your search is over because in the Ultiht review, you’re going to discover the truth about this store actually.

Ultiht is classified as a scam website because of the following information:

Different Website and Domain Names

The name of its website “Woonico” is different than its domain name.

Contact Information

The mail address “service@npheds .com” is found to be an email address of several scam websites and sites.

Secure of the site

It has displayed counterfeit trust seal logos for McAfee and Norton on its several products Details pages. Therefore, if you shop on this website you could be exposing your financial and personal information like your credit card details could be stolen.

Social Media Presence

The icon for social media that links to its corporate social media profile isn’t accessible. However, online stores that are legitimate typically offer social media icons that are linked with their respective social media groups pages, pages or profiles. Therefore, they may not have a presence on social media.

Copy content

The theme of the website and a lot of other information available on its site are in line with numerous scam sites.

Discount and Sales Offers

It’s listed a wide range of items (such as Irresistible Healing Nest Music Note Black Streetwear Embroidery Slim Jeans the Skull print hoodie streets wide sports pants the Brandy Long Sleeve Top made of Coconut Milk and more.) for sale at low prices. Most scam websites are known to offer these discounts to lure users to join their fraud.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

There are many similar online retailers with complaints regarding their product’s quality, delivery times and also about customer service.


In light of the above facts, we are able to confirm we can confirm that Ultiht is a fake online store.

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Note: These types of websites are usually changing their website’s name and the content on their site at times. Therefore, the review above is based upon the information available on its website at the date mentioned above. If you come across any other information that is not what we’ve included in this review it means that this site has changed their info. This, however, makes it a suspicious website.

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