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This Vicki L. Swayze Wikipedia blog post will provide some brief information about Vicki’s tragic death. More details can be found in the full post.

Do you know Vicki Lynn or her story? Is her story something you enjoy? Vicki Lynn was Patrick Swayze’s older sister. Vicki Lynn died due to pills. However, some sources claim that she was actually murdered. Vicky Swayze was a United States who suffered many hardships in her entire life.

Vicki Lynn and others are interested in Vicki Lynn Swayze Wikipedia. So, we’ll be discussing more details.

Vicki Lynn wiki details.

Name Vicky Lynn Swayze. Gender Female. Birthdate: 8 June 1949. Birthplace Harris Houston Texas. Wikipedia information about Vicki Lynn can be found in the following table. Death Date: 2 December 1994 Cause of death Pills poisoning Obituary Ventura. Simi Valley. California Religion Christian Eye color Brown Hair Colour Blonde Ethnicity and White Occupation Patsy Swayze’s Mother is an actor and singer. Jesse Wayne Swayze III Siblings Patrick Swayze and Sean Swayze Don Marital status Married Husband Peden Arthur

Vicki Lynn Causes death

Vicki Lynn died in December 1994. Vicki Lynn died in Los Angeles Van Nuys on 2 December 1994. Her final rites took place in Simi, California and Ventura USA. Vicki Lynn suffered from depression since many years. She was overdosed on painkillers and her death was sudden. Vicki was suffering from depression and died at age 45.

After twenty years married to Arthur and a lifetime of love, Vicki died after taking too many painkillers. Vicki’s marriage lasted through all the difficulties and depression. The couple was not engulfed in controversy.

Who were Vicki Lynn’s Parents and where did they live?

Vicki Lynn Swayze’s mother was Patsy Swayze III. Her father was Jesse Wayne Swayze III. Patsy Yvonne H. Swayze is her mom’s full-name. She was a dancer and choreographer from America. She was born on February 7, 1927 and died September 16, 2013. Vicki’s dad, Jesse Wayne Swayze III (Texas, Wichita Falls), was born on 20 septembre 1925. His death was on the 2nd of November 1982.

Jesse Wayne was American. He finished his education at Central Campus San Jacinto College. Jesse Wayne Swayze, who was 57 years old, passed away from a heart attack.

Vicki Lynn Swayze Wikipedia

Vicki Lynne Swayze was conceived on 8th June 1949. Patsy Swayze was Vicki’s mother. Vicki’s mom died on 16 September 2013. Vicki was also acknowledged as Don Swayze’s sister. Vicki passed away 2 December 1994. She had a wonderful life and was loved by her husband.

Vicki started using depression medications in her forties. Vicki lost her life one day when she overdosed. According to some sources, she became addicted to the pills and was a habitual user.

What was Vicki Lynn’s Husband name?

Arthur R Peden was Vicki Lynn’s lover. The couple was married on 21/04/1974. They were honest with one another. There have been no conflicts or controversies throughout their marriage. Arthur was there for Vicki every step of the way. They had a deep and loving relationship. Her brother Patrick passed away in 2008, when he was first diagnosed with. Fourth stage Pancreatic disease. He died from the incurable disease.


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