Video De La Azafata Que Se Hizo What is about the viral video?

This write-up on Video De La Azafata Que Se Hizo provides important information about the whole incident.

Over the Internet, there was a viral video showing a heated verbal battle between a flight crewmember and a passenger.

Are you familiar with the video? What do you think of the whole situation? Want to see the entire video? People from all over the world are curious to learn more about the video. This article will provide all the details about Video De La Azafata Que Se Hizo.

What do you think about viral videos?

On the 16th of December 2022, we found a video on the internet that showed a passenger engaging in heated arguments with flight crew members. The video is getting countless views. In the video we see that an Indigo flight departing Istanbul for Delhi is disrupted by a verbal dispute over food options.

You can find the link header for this article on Twitter if you’re looking for the video. Reddit’s Original Video Viral features an air hostess shouting at a man for making a crew member cry. She points and shouts towards him.

A passenger was on the flight and called an air hostess. The woman shouted at him and pointed at her to get the menu. The flight attendant listened to his rants, but she then started to cry. A fellow passenger recorded the scene and uploaded it to social media after she saw her start crying.

Video De La Azafata Que Se HizoReactions :

The video has been viralized on the internet and we have received many reactions from the public. Most of them are in support for the crew members. Sanjiv, CEO of Airways, has already expressed his views on the subject. He came forward to support the employee of the airway.

Social media comments are overwhelmingly supportive of crew members, because they are fulfilling their duty and deserve the respect of passengers.

Further information:

The verbal exchange took place but the hostess insisted that she was human, doing her job and needed to be treated with respect. As she raised her voice to correct mistreatments of her colleague, everyone on Instagram was with the air hostess.

Many people shared their stories on social media about crew being treated unfairly after the incident. Many shared their stories on this topic.


Summary: A verbal fight breaks out between the passenger crew. People have shared the video and most are on the team of the crew member. Visit the link for more information.

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