Video of Nurse Slamming Baby Viral Check Here!

Video: Nurse Slamming Baby Viral

Recent viral video shows a Long Island nurse hitting a baby inside a hospital bassinet. This has raised concern about the safety of newborns in Long Island hospitals in 2023. The video was quickly shared by the parents on social media and led to the termination of the nurse.

There are questions about the training and supervision for nurses in neonatal intensive car units (NICUs), and hospitals’ responsibility to ensure the safety of patients, especially newborns, and their well-being. This article will examine the details of the incident, the hospital’s reaction, and discuss some of these concerns.

Video: Nurse Slamming Baby goes Viral: Hospital Takes Action

A disturbing video showing a Long Island nurse beating a baby inside a hospital bassinet went viral. This prompted outrage and prompt action by the hospital. The video, posted by the baby’s parents on social media, gained wide attention and resulted in the termination of the nurse.

Long Island Nurse Slams Baby Video

The video shows a nurse attacking the baby’s bassinet in a neonatal intensive hospital (NICU). The video was uploaded by the parent of the baby and captioned, “This how our babies are treated in the NICU.” I need your help to make this viral.

The video gained instant attention on social networks, where many expressed shock and anger over the nurse’s actions. The hospital swiftly responded by launching an investigation into this incident and terminating her employment.

Nurse Slams Baby in Bassinet

The safety and well-being in the NICU, as well the training and supervision for nurses has been questioned by the incident. Hospitals are responsible to ensure that their staff is properly trained and supervised and that they provide a safe, nurturing environment for all patients, including vulnerable newborns.

In a statement the hospital said it takes the safety of its patients very seriously. It also stated that it took swift action to correct the situation. The hospital reached out to the families of the baby to offer assistance and support.

The shocking video showing the nurse slamming a baby with a NICU Bassinet raised alarm bells and raised concerns about the safety of newborns in hospitals. While the hospital’s prompt response to the incident was admirable, it is imperative that all hospitals provide proper training and supervision to ensure that patients are in a safe and nurturing environment.


  • What did the video show?

The video shows a nurse slamming a bassinet baby in a NICU.

  • What was the hospital’s response to this incident?

The hospital initiated an investigation and terminated her employment.

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