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Have you received a mail with a final warning to pay the red-light ticket, that are typically issued by traffic officers for running red-light signals on the roads across the globe? Did you realize that the snail mail also contained the address of a site to pay fines? Are you aware of whether the notice is genuine or not?

Let’s go over the main points and analysis of the snail mail which recommended scam.

Abut diddle:

Residents of Arizona as well as of the City of Doral, Etc, started receiving a final reminder to pay for red-light tickets in their mailers. The scam first appeared in March 2022. While similar scams were featured in 2021 and 2018 respectively but the present scam is linked to

The fraudsters had written letters that were based on the format used in genuine red-light ticket issued by traffic officers, comprising two photographs of the car as well as the license plate of the vehicle, a table that outlines the date of violation, amount due, and a hyperlink to make payment for the penalty.

How do I detect the ViolationInfo New York Scam ?

One of those who received postal mail reported that the ticket has the date of violation that is 30th-February-2022. However the month of February is not the month with an official 30th date!

The genuine photos taken by traffic cameras along the roads will show images of vehicles taken from a significant distance and from a height since the cameras are mounted on poles. However, the fake mail contains images of the vehicle as well as the license plate that were taken in close proximity, and at the same height of three feet.

The victim reported that the images were part of the result of a scam since the photos of the car and license plates seemed to suggest that someone had taken photos of the vehicle when it was parked near their residence!

Furthermore, the person who was convicted was renting the car prior to the date of the violation. Thus, the real owner of the vehicle as well as the address of his registration is different. However, the red-light ticket did not include any name or address of the car owner and was only an address for the victim’s residence that could be recognized by the address and name plates in their residence!

The police department also advised that the public should be aware to be aware of scam snail mails. The police advised that prior to receiving a final notification, traffic police will send first reminders to pay the fine. If the people who were victims didn’t have an original notice sent, then the final notice is a questionable and may be fraudulent.

Finally, the legitimate website to pay the traffic challenges is, which is different from the link in the snail mail!


The letter included the sender’s address as ‘city of Lauderdale, intersection safety program, PO Box 7098, Tempe, AZ-85285 2091.’ However, it had a fake website address – to pay the fine. Hence, and snail mails including its links are Scam. Furthermore, was registered on 12th-March-2022 for one year, gained a 1% trust score, and uses a free email service.

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