Vivian Kao Tiktok Know All Details

Learn about Vivian Kao TikTok CEO Shou Z Chew’s personal and professional life, as well as exclusive facts not available elsewhere.

Dr. Vivian Kao was ShouZi Chen’s wife. Shou was asked to testify before the US House panel on TikTok’s protection of user data. TikTok is a popular social networking app. People from the United States, Canada and Singapore intensified their search for Shou’s personal and professional lives, as well his wife, children and family after his testimony before the US House committee. We’ll now learn more about Vivian Kao TikTok.

About Dr. Vivian Kao, Shou:

Dr. Vivan Kao, an investment executive. ShouZi Cheng, TikTok CEO ShouZi Kao’s wife, is also a TikTok executive. Shou graduated from University College London with a Bachelor of Economics in 2006. In 2006, he received a Master of Business Administration degree at Harvard Business School.

It was approximately between 2006 to 2010 Shou met Vivian, who was also pursuing her full-time graduation from Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts.Wikipediaof Vivian is yet awaited. Shou finished his graduation in 2010. Shou and Vivian married in 2010. The date of Vivan’s and Shou’s marriage are not known.

Shou has worked with Singaporean National Service and has also been a summer intern at Facebook. She is also a lead at ByteDance. Shou makes between $20 million and $25 million annually. This allows Shou’sWife and family to live comfortably with their children. Shou’s networth is $49.5million at the beginning 2023. The couple have two children. Their children’s identities, names and genders are kept private. Vivian Shou and their internet data are well-aware. The couple decided not to discuss their private and intimate lives.

Who’s Vivian Kao,

But it is well-known that Vivian is a Beijing resident. She received her Ph.D. from Rutgers University in English Literature. Her areas of expertise and knowledge include literature/film adaptations, Victorian novels, postcolonial research, composition of STEM Universities, and the humanities.

She was a COM 1103 coordinator and COM 0194 coordinator in the areas of talent acquisition and thesis development. Vivian was not publicly revealed. Later, Dr. Vivian worked in a variety of projects to create coursework at different Universities.


Information about Dr. Vivian’s private life is kept secret from the public. On the internet, only a small portion of her professional life can be found. Many unauthentic websites speculated on Vivian’s personal life. LinkedIn and social media pages created by Vivian Kao have different results. Therefore, her social media presence remains undetermined.

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