Voteamas Com 2022 Check How to vote for AMAs

Voteamas.com2022 will show you how to vote in your favourite category and some nominees. The voting window will also be discussed.

American Music Awards is celebrating 50 years of existence this year. Did you start voting in your favourite category? Are you aware of the voting options? Is it possible to find out when the award airs?

Many people in India and the United States were excited to hear about the Nomination. With the voting window open, everyone can vote for their favorite. We can answer some questions through our post 2022.

When was it announced that the Nomination had been made?

Tuesday, 13 October 2022 AMAs nominations were made public. The voting window remains open through 14 November at 11 59:59 p.m. PT, for all 37 categories.

K-pop voters will need to wait until November 1st for them to begin voting.

These nominations were based upon data from September 20,21 to September 20,22.

American Music Awards (AMAs), established in 1972. This 2022 edition celebrates and hosts 50th AMAs. The live broadcast of the award show from Microsoft Theatre will take place on 20 November.

How to vote AMAs- Voteamas com for 2022 is the best place to vote or Twitter.

To vote on Twitter, you will need your name and the category of your public account.

Six new categories were introduced this year.

  • Favourite rock song
  • Favourite song from rock
  • Favourite Kpop Artist
  • Favourite songs
  • Favourite Afrobeats artists
  • Favourite artist touring

The nominees include:

It is overwhelming to see fans vote for their favourite artists. Many artists were nominated in more that four categories this year. In this situation, it will be difficult to choose their favourite artist. Let’s look at some of the artists who you can vote through in 2022.

Bad Bunny received 8 nominations for a different category. Beyonce got 6 nominations

  • Nominations for Weeknd 5
  • Drake 6 nominations
  • Taylor Swift 6 nominations
  • Harry Styles 5 nominations
  • Adele 5 nominations


Nearly one month has passed and the top musical talent will be revealed. Fans have already begun voting. We congratulate all nominees to the AMAs and wish them well. Click here to nominate your favourite artist within different categories.

Voteamas com 2022.2 – Whom do you intend to vote? Let us know in the section below if there are any AMAs you are interested in.

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