What Blackpink Girl Are You Explore All Details

You are a Blackpink fan and want to know which Blackpink girl you most like. To find out which Blackpink girls match your interests and personality, take this personality quiz.


YG Entertainment has formed Blackpink, a South Korean girl group consisting of four members. Jisoo and Jennie are the members of Blackpink. The group is well-known for their catchy music, energetic performances and unique fashion style. The quiz will show you which member you most closely resemble.

What Blackpink girl are you? Quiz about Personality

The quiz has ten questions that assess your personality and interests. Each question offers four answers. Choose the one that best describes who you are. You should be honest and not overthink your answers. The quiz is intended to be engaging and fun.

Question 1. What is your favorite colour?

A) Black b] Pink c] Red d] Blue

Question #2: What’s your favorite pastime?

a) Singing b) Dancing c) Shopping d) Playing video games

3rd Question: What’s your favorite meal?

a) Pizza b) Sushi c) Fried chicken d) Ice cream

4th Question: What type of music is your favourite?

a) Pop b) Rock c) Hip hop d) EDM

Questions 5 and 6: Which movie is your favorite?

A) Romantic Comedy b) Action Horror d). Drama

8th Question: What type of clothing do you prefer?

a) Casual, b) Chic, c), Sporty, d) Elegant

Question ten: Which social media platform is your favorite?

a) Facebook b) Twitter TikTok C) Instagram


Now it’s time you add up your answers to find the Blackpink girl who matches your personality. If you answered a majority of A’s, Jisoo will be your Blackpink girl. Your Blackpink girl Jennie will be your answer if you answered mostly B. Rose is the Blackpink girl who answered most of your questions with C’s. If you answered mostly Ds, your Blackpink girls are Lisa.

1. Jisoo

Jisoo was born on January 3, 1995. She is the oldest Blackpink member. She is well-known for her bright personality and sense of humor. She is a talented actress and singer, and has appeared in many Korean dramas. Jisoo’s loyal fans love her caring and supportive nature. She is often called the “mom” of the group.

2. Jennie

Jennie, who was created on January 16, 1996, is Blackpink’s main rapper. Her fierce stage presence, fashion sense, confident attitude and style are all what she is well-known for. Jennie is multitalented, and she has also released solo songs. Her strong work ethic, determination and admiration are what her fans love about her. She is often referred too as the “queen” of the group.

3. Rose

Rose is Blackpink’s main singer, and was born on February 11, 1997. Her distinctive voice, gentle personality, impressive guitar skills, and unique voice are some of her trademarks. Rose is originally from New Zealand. She has a large fan base around the world. Rose’s fans love her heartfelt performances and sincere songwriting. She is frequently called the “angel of the group”.

4. Lisa

Lisa, who was born on March 27, 1997, is Blackpink’s main dancer/rapper. She is well-known for her dance moves and charisma, as well as her fashion sense and sharp style. Lisa is a Thai national who has become an example for young Thai people. Her dedication and hard work are admired by her fans, who often refer to her as the “dancing machines” in the group.

We hope that you enjoyed the Blackpink girl personality quiz and found the right match for your personality. Keep in mind that these results are for entertainment only and you don’t have to look exactly like any Blackpink member in order to be a Blackpink fan. Blackpink is unique because each member has their own strengths and characteristics that make them stand out. Blackpink’s music and support them. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet your Blackpink girl someday.

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