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Kanye West’s statement has gone viral on Reddit.

Kanye posted a Reddit post about the Jewish community. People are commenting on the post and expressing their opinions about Kanye’s celebrity thoughts. Kanye claims that black suffering can be benefited from and instigated by music, and that black athletes are exploited primarily by the Jewish Community.

He claimed that there was a black tribe 13 of Israel, which was a totally baseless conspiracy. All black people are now Jewish.

Reddit: What did Kanye West do?

Kanye, through his post, attempts to express his disapproval at discrimination. People thought Kanye would get treated badly after his post. Redditt comments raise more questions about Kanye’s post

Who and what is Kanye West?

Kanye West is an American rapper and composer. He is a global superstar as one of the most important hip-hop producers and musicians of his generation and one of his best musicians of the decade.

Kanye West, a Grammy Award-winning rapper and music producer, is an open-minded clothing designer who doesn’t fear speaking his mind.

What is Reddit’s Comment Policy?

According to the facts, Kanye West’s comments on Reddit are not good news for Jews. Even though he posted a picture where he was speaking with Diddy, he hasn’t stopped there. This celebrity photo is trending on social media. The statement was made by the actor and users are interested in knowing more. Reddit comments are available at the FAQs link.

Kanye has posted anti-Semitic comments and made white supremacist remarks everywhere. Many users are unable to find the comments Kanye made so they ask for the link in the comment section. Reddit users are interested in knowing what comments Yeezy made.

Adidas ended its partnership with Kanye West after the scandal. Adidas Yeezy branded products accounted to 10% of the industry’s yearly profits. Adidas has cut ties with Ye the music producer and fashion designer, previously known as Kanye West. This ended a collaboration that had made the company billions, but was marred by offensive and antisemitic statements.

The German-based manufacturer of athletic gear released a statement Tuesday saying that Ye’s collaboration was suspended after the company had ignored the issue for several weeks.

Adidas has ceased manufacturing Yeezy branded products due to the controversy over “What Did Kanye West Say Reddit?” Adidas has also ceased all installments for Ye and his companies.

Is there any other brand that ended their Kanye collaboration?

After his comments about the Jewish community, Kanye lost his Adidas collaboration. Kanye also lost his partnership to Balenciaga and Vogue, which is a major brand.

People also claim that Kanye is banned on major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Kanye cannot speak on this platform.

Reddit: What did Kanye West do?

Reddit has seen him make anti-Semitic comments and he is now in controversy. The famous German sportswear brand Adidas cut ties with Kanye after his statement. On social media, his statement has been the subject of much discussion. His statements are being discussed by social media users. Many memes and funny videos have been trending online after Kanye’s departure from Adidas’ partnership. Many people believe that Kanye’s controversy and ending of his Adidas collaboration will result in a significant financial loss. This could lead to a significant decrease in Kanye’s net worth.

Is it possible to lose a lot of your Net worth due to comments?

According to the report, KanyeWest Comments Reddit would be in serious financial trouble if it wasn’t for Adidas’ support. His net worth at present is $400 million. According to the study, his celebrity income is approximately $130 from music and fashion design.

The rest of his revenue comes from music catalog, real estate, cash and 5% from Skims, his ex-wife’s formwear companies. After his 1.5 billion dollar collaboration with Skims, it has been declared that he is no longer a billionaire.


Due to the ongoing controversy, Kanye West may lose his Adidas collaboration. He is also facing a drop in his net worth.

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