What Did Kelly Ripa Say About Regis Check About The Talks In Her Book

Let’s discover the truth about Kelly Ripa and Regis friendship. Keep watching for more facts.

Are you looking forward to Kelly Ripa’s new book? Are you curious about what Ripa says about her ex-cohost in the book? You might have read the book and know what Ripa thinks about Regis. Nearly everyone in America wants to know what Kelly Ripa said about Regis in her new book. Keep reading to find out the details.

The True Truth about Kelly Ripa & Regis

Kelly Ripa, in her book Live Wire, stated that the truth is much more than what viewers see on television from their homes. People thought they were close friends but they rarely socialized outside of the show. And their interactions became less when Regis was gone. Kelly describes Regis as warm and friendly and willing to do anything for his fans in her book.

Kelly Ripa book about Regis

Kelly wrote in her book that Kelly was first appearing as a guest host. Kelly noticed Regis taking photos, signing autographs and speaking to the audience, particularly the young women who had traveled long distances to see him.

Ripa was cited earlier for Regis’ decision to leave the show. Regis stated several times that he left the show because he is almost thirty years old and it was nearly 30 years since he hosted the live show. He began his career in 1983, and he worked until 2011, when he announced that he was retiring. Kelly Ripa Michael Strahan Book: Read the entire post.

On 13 May 2019, Michael Strahan and Kelly left the show. He broke his silence, claiming he wasn’t threatened and was asked to leave. At that point, it was believed that Kelly was the reason for his departure from the show. Just after Regis and Ripa celebrated their tenth year as co-hosts, the news that Kelly was to blame came.


Regis and Kelly Ripa were not best friends in real-life, but they do spend a lot of time together on the screen. Kelly was not the one responsible for Regis’s retirement. People blamed Kelly earlier. For more information about Kelly’s Opinion on Regis, click here

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