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This article will provide details about episode 8 of House of the Dragon, as well as information about What Disease Does Have Viserys. You can read more on our blog.

Are you currently watching the House of the Dragon? Are you aware that King Viserys has a disease in him? If you are not, then this article is for you. The House of the dragon 8th episode was very interesting. This series is very popular in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

We will be focusing on What is the Cause of Viserys? Read the blog below.

House of the Dragon Episode 9:

Episode 8 of the series takes a new and interesting turn. This episode revealed that Viserys, Aegon and Aegon were the two children of queens-of-the-kings. In the episode, King Viserys became old and was now suffering from leprosy. Alicent & Otto tried to profit from this situation.

Fans wanted to know about the disease that King Viserys Targaryen was suffering from. Recent interviews with Paddy Considine and Viserys revealed that King Viserys had Leprosy.

King Viserys Disease

The House of the Dragon’s most recent episode revealed that King Viserys had become sick and old. According to the report King Viserys suffers from Leprosy Disease. A disease in which a young person appears old. It can lead to bone and bodily deterioration. The disease can be spread by one’s contacts.

What is Viserys?

In the episode, King Viserys has been sick and aged for almost six years. Paddy Considine, a recent interviewee, revealed that King Viserys suffers from Leprosy disease. Viserys looks old and sick.

Discussing Episode 8, the House of Dragon, it’s revealed that Viserys has suffered various health problems and finally dies peacefully. After this episode, there were several questions. Did Viserys have leprosy? It was confirmed that Viserys had Leprosy and made him look old and unwell. After Princess Helena’s visit, King Viserys succumbs peacefully to his illness.


Eight episodes revealed that King Viserys, who was suffering from Leprosy, died peacefully. This article gives all the details. To learn more about King Viserys passing, click this link. This article provides details about King Viserys’s illness. What Disease Does King Viserys Have.

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