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People are curious about what happened to Alison Hammond. Scroll down and read this article to find out who blackmailed Alison Hammond and other details.

Alison Hammond is who?

Alison Hammond, an actress from England and television personality, was born in February 1975. She grew up in Kingstanding (a northern Birmingham district) with her two sisters. She was second to be evicted from Big Brother’s third season in 2002. Since 2002, she has been a journalist and presenter on ITV’s This Morning. Currently, she is a co-host on Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off. This program began in 2023. Hammond has also appeared on several television shows, including Palace Hill (1988-1990), Doctors(2002) and The Dumping Ground (2016).

What Ever Happened To Alison Hammond’s Life?

Alison Hammond, beloved presenter on This Morning reported a blackmailing and extortion plot to the police. The victim was told by the perpetrator that she would have to give him thousands of pounds. Or he would make false and damaging statements about her career. Hammond purchased a BMW valued at PS5,000 as a blackmailer’s gift. He threatened to “ruin her” if she didn’t meet his demands. The 48 year-old Bake Off host confided to a friend that she felt foolish and naive. She showed the man the disturbing messages earlier this week and he was arrested under suspicion of blackmail.

Who is Alison Hammond being blackmailed?

Alison Hammond shared her confidence with her Instagram followers by reassuring them that she had defeated a former friend’s attempt to damage her career. The 36-year-old suspect in question cannot be identified for legal reasons. He allegedly targeted Hammond and caused her severe distress. The This Morning host believed that Hammond had a trusting relationship with the man, and even offered to pay for his drug treatment. Later, she discovered that he was only concerned with her personal finances. The man was detained for 24 hour before being released on bail. Hammond is said to have confided in her friends that she had given him thousands in cash and even a vehicle in order to keep him from leaking false information regarding her personal life.

Why Alison Hammond was Blackmailed?

British TV presenter Alison Hammond was the subject of a blackmail attempt by an unknown person to get information about her relationship with Ben Hawkins. The perpetrator was arrested and the incident has reignited interest in the star’s personal life. According to The Sun, the 48 year-old journalist contacted police after being threatened with a man demanding large sums of cash in exchange for her not spreading lies. According to the publication, Hammond had under the pressure of the blackmailer given him thousands of pounds and a PS5,000 BMW. According to the West Midlands Police, they confirmed that they are currently investigating a case of blackmail against a woman aged 40 and are taking the matter seriously. A 36-year-old male was arrested for blackmailing ITV star. He was later released under conditional bail. The Sun reported that the man was a former friend. However, Hammond has not made any comment on the matter.

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