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What happened with Chris Matthews? Here you can find out more about Chris Matthews’ retirement as a talk show host in the United States and what he does now.

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews was a well-known American political commentator and talk show host. He is also a published author. Over the past two decades, Chris Matthews has been entertaining audiences with his weekly talk show “Hardball” on America’s Talking. Later, it was broadcast on MSNBC. Matthews, however, announced his retirement on March 2nd, 2020. He did this amid accusations that he made inappropriate comments towards a guest 4 years earlier.

Matthews, who was born on December 17th, 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania completed his education by attending La Salle College High School, which he attended from 1963 to 1967, and the College of the Holy Cross. He continued his education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 1970, he earned a Master’s Degree in History.

Matthews started his career in journalism, working as a journalist for publications such as The Washington Star and Raleigh Times. In 1987, Matthews joined the San Francisco Examiner where he was the Washington bureau head until 2000. Matthews wrote a nationally syndicated San Francisco Chronicle column from 1997-2001.

Matthews’ journey began in 1997 when he became the host of America Talking’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews”. The show flourished and was moved to MSNBC in the year 1999. Hardball became a popular and influential political talk show. It received prestigious awards, such as an Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show.

Matthews, who retired from “Hardball,” in 2020 turned to writing. Matthews published a book entitled “Hardball” that shares his experiences and insights as a political analyst.

Matthews, with his confrontational approach and tendency to make provocative statements, has certainly courted controversy over the course of his career. He is still respected for his experience as a journalist and interviewer. Matthews has been a major influence on the American political discourse over the past 30 years.

What happened to Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews made headlines on MSNBC when he announced that he would be retiring from his show, “Hardball with Chris Matthews”. He did so on March 2nd, 2020. After allegations of inappropriate remarks made by Matthews towards a show guest four years prior, he made this decision. Matthews was well known in American politics after hosting “Hardball” over 20 years. Matthews made his return to MSNBC in June 2021 as a guest analyst.

Matthews’ decision to retire from “Hardball,” was motivated by allegations that he made inappropriate comments towards Laura Bassett in 2016, a journalist who had been a guest on the show. Bassett wrote a GQ article about the incident, which sheds light on Matthews’ treatment of women throughout his career.

As these allegations became public, other stories began to emerge, revealing more instances of Matthews’ inappropriate behavior and comments towards women. Matthews responded by issuing a public apology, and then announced his retirement from the show “Hardball.”

Matthews leaving MSNBC’s “Hardball”, as well as MSNBC, elicited diverse reactions. Others praised Matthews for accepting his mistakes and being accountable for his actions. Some criticised Matthews’ behavior, while others called for his resignation. Matthews is still a prominent voice in American political discourse, even though he has stepped away from the show. He appears on news programs, and engages in public debates.

Why did Chris Matthews leave MSNBC?

Chris Matthews announced his retirement as host of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews on March 2nd, 2020. The decision came after allegations of inappropriate comments towards Laura Bassett, journalist and guest on the show in 2004, four years before. Bassett wrote an article in GQ in which she described the incident and criticised Matthews for his behavior towards women. These allegations sparked more revelations of Matthews’ inappropriate behavior and comments towards women. Matthews then apologized publicly and retired from his show.

Bassett’s accusation centered on Matthews’ unwelcome comments in the makeup room. This included a crude sexual reference. Bassett’s accusations have shed light on other stories of Matthews’ inappropriate behavior towards women over the course of his career.

Matthews, in his statement of retirement, acknowledged his comments. He expressed his conviction that the next generation of journalists – especially women – should not be subjected to the same humiliation. Matthews left MSNBC after negotiations. He was absent from the airwaves a few days before he retired.

Matthews’s retirement marked the end of an impressive and long career in journalism and as a political analyst. In his two decades as host of “Hardball,” Matthews provided his unique insight on American politics. Matthews continues to guest comment on news programs despite the controversy that surrounds his exit from MSNBC. He maintains his position in American journalism and politics.

What is Chris Matthews doing now?

Chris Matthews has retired as host of the MSNBC show “Hardball with Chris Matthews”. Matthews has occasionally appeared on news programs as a guest analyst, keeping him in touch with the political world. Matthews is also a writer, and has published “This Country”: My Life in Politics, History, and Experiences, which provides insights into Matthews’ experiences and perspectives.

Matthews chose to keep a low-profile since his retirement. Although he is not back on the air, Matthews continues to write articles and contribute opinion pieces for different publications. This shows his commitment to sharing his views.

Matthews also has been involved in charitable endeavors. He is a supporter of the National Marfan Foundation. This organization helps raise awareness about Marfan syndrome. It is a genetic disorder of the connective tissues. Matthews is committed to important causes because of his personal connection with his brother.

Matthews has not yet revealed his future plans. However, it is unknown whether he will return to the world of political commentary or broadcast journalism. His distinguished and extensive career in journalism left an indelible mark, and Matthews is still respected in the world of politics and news.

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