What Happened to Cody Rhodes Arm Readout!

What Happened To Cody Rhodes Arm? Brock Lesnar recently injured Cody Rhodes by attacking him and damaging his arm. Here are Cody Rhodes injury updates

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Was Cody Rhodes hurt really?

Cody Rhodes is still suffering from the hardships that Lesnar has inflicted on him after his victory over Brock Lesnar. Lesnar’s brutal assault on Rhodes during Raw continued the trend. Rhodes suffered an arm injury ahead of their Night of Champions match.

Rhodes’ arm was severely damaged in the initial attack, which occurred when he arrived at Arena. Lesnar then put Rhodes in a punishing hold called a kimura, which further aggravated the injury. The WWE and commentators speculated on Rhodes’s potential to compete at Saturday’s pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia.

What happened to Cody Rhodes Arm

Brock Lesnar was waiting for Cody Rhodes at the arena when he arrived. This scene was shocking. Lesnar used a beer keg as a weapon to shatter Rhodes’ arm violently, leaving him in pain. The show continued, and there were doubts over Rhodes’ participation in the upcoming match.

Rhodes, much to everyone’s shock, defied all odds and accepted Lesnar’s Challenge. Rhodes, despite wearing a bandage on his injured hand, made his way towards the ring determined to confront Lesnar. In a brave act, Rhodes removed the sling to prepare for combat. Lesnar was merciless and quickly caught Rhodes in the kimura, a crushing kimura, forcing him to fight.

Lesnar continued the assault as Rhodes was held in the painful hold. He ruthlessly stomped on Rhodes’ arm which had already been injured before finally leaving the ring. The shocking scene left the audience stunned, as they witnessed Rhodes’ unwavering strength and Lesnar brutality.

Cody Rhodes Injuries Update

Triple H made a surprise entrance in Cody Rhodes locker room at the end of the show. Triple H, concerned about Rhodes’ health, insisted Rhodes go to the doctor, as he could see that Rhodes was suffering from a broken wrist. Rhodes, though, was steadfast and refused to let the doctors examine his broken arm.

Triple H empathized with Rhodes, who was worried that a possible medical evaluation would rule him out of Night of Champions. Triple H stressed that he was responsible for ensuring Rhodes received medical care. Rhodes, showing the same resolve as Triple H, announced that he will compete in Night of Champions.

Rhodes’ defiant words concluded the show and demonstrated his unwavering commitment to facing the challenges ahead despite any potential consequences.

Cody Rhodes wife

Cody Rhodes’ wife Brandi Rhodes is an American professional wrestling star and multi-talented woman. Aside from her professional wrestling career, Brandi Rhodes has established herself as a ring-announcer, model and businesswoman. Brandi Runnels was known as Eden Stiles when she first joined the WWE scene as a announcer in April 2011.

Brandi has demonstrated her wrestling talents in many promotions including Impact Wrestling World Wonder Ring Stardom and Ring of Honor. It was not until 2019 that Brandi made a big move, joining the newly-established wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling. Brandi has made her mark in AEW and contributed to its growth and success.

How tall Cody Rhodes is?

Cody Rhodes has a height measuring 1.85 meters. He is an American actor and professional wrestler. He is signed with WWE and currently competes in the Raw brand. Rhodes made a name in All Elite Wrestling, which he competed for from 2019 until 2022. Rhodes held a role as executive vice president at AEW. He also achieved the distinction to be the inaugural AEW tnt champion, a title he has won three times.

Rhodes’ first WWE stint, which lasted from 2006 until 2016, was a time of significant success. He wrestled using his real-name and adopted the Stardust persona, which was a character that had an exaggerated style and was inspired by Goldust, his half-brother. The portrayal of Rhodes allowed him to gain recognition and establish himself in the wrestling world.

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