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What happened with Crystal Jones from TLC? Crystal Jones is one of TLC’s founding members.


TLC is one of America’s most iconic girl bands. The group was originally formed in Atlanta Georgia in 1991. TLC, comprised of Lisa Lopes “Left Eye”, Rozonda Thomas “Chilli”, and Tionne Watkins “T-Boz”, achieved great success during the 1990s. These included four chart-topping hits: “Creep,” Waterfalls,” “No Scrubs,”and Unpretty. TLC also released four albums that were multi-platinum, including CrazySexyCool in 1994. This album was awarded diamond certification by the Recording Industry Association of America.

TLC, a group renowned for their unique blend of R&B and hip-hop with pop, left an indelible impression on the music world. They often used socially-conscious messages in their songs, and they did not hesitate to tackle controversial issues. TLC was also known for its members’ outspoken personalities, and their innovative fashion choices.

The group had to deal with many challenges as its popularity grew. Lopes battled mental illness and tragically lost his life in a 2002 car accident. Watkins & Thomas persevered under the name TLC and released their fourth album 3D in the same year. Although the album achieved commercial success, its heights were not as high as their previous releases.

TLC was disbanded by 2005. However, in 2017, they reunited to embark on a world tour which was a huge success, reigniting the passion of their fans. Watkins Thomas will continue to be TLC and plan on releasing new music.

TLC’s pioneering contributions have shattered boundaries and changed the face of popular music. TLC paved the way as trailblazers of female artists for subsequent generations. Their music is still relevant today and continues to inspire their fans. This solidifies their legacy.

What happened to Crystal TLC?

Crystal decided to leave the music industry after her departure from TLC and lead a quiet life. After the VH1 documentary “Crazy Sexy and Cool: TLC Story”, Crystal resurfaced in 2013 to tell her story. Crystal vehemently denies the claim in the movie that she was removed from the TLC group due to an inability to sing. She made this statement in a 2013 Tom Joyner Morning Show interview. Crystal claimed, “Everyone knows that I can sing.” That wasn’t true.

Crystal stated that the 2013 film inaccurately depicted Crystal’s departure from TLC. She clarified that the audition shown in film was not with L.A. Reid. Instead, the audition was for singer Perri Reid (aka Pebbles), who had just recently started a management and production company. Crystal said that Pebbles started using manipulative techniques to try and be their manager. When the group went to meet with a lawyer in order to sign contracts, problems arose.

Crystal remembered when Pebbles turned down her request to take the contract home with her for her mother’s review. She was hoping for some loyalty from Tionne and Lisa. She thought they would inquire about her hesitation. But no one ever questioned her. Crystal did not want to sign the contract, believing that her bandmates will ask why. But to her dismay no one asked.

Crystal described the situation after that as “downhill.” The group began meeting without her and, eventually, informed her that she was no longer welcome in the group. She also revealed T-Boz began separating herself from her as a result of the contract dispute.

Crystal said that they would travel with Pebbles. “They filmed Pebbles’ song, ‘Backyard’, and if your eyes are sharp, you will see them there in the background. I am not.” It’s because they only told me the day before. As a newly-wed with a baby of four months, they told me hours before the departure, which made it impossible for me join them. They started doing that.”

Crystal Jones: Who is she?

Crystal Jones, a singer-songwriter and former R&B member from the African American community, played an important role in TLC’s early years. She was a founding member, along with Tionne “T Boz ” Watkins and Lisa “Left Eye ” Lopes. Together, they developed TLC’s signature sound, which combined elements of R&B, hip-hop and pop.

Jones left the band shortly before “Ooooooohhh…On the TLC Tip,” their debut album. Despite her short time with TLC, Jones’ contributions to the formation of TLC and their development of a unique musical style are still an important part of TLC’s history.

Jones was one of TLC’s founding members, along with Lisa “Left Eye”, Lisa “T-Boz”, and Tionne Watkins. Jones and Watkins were friends in Atlanta while they attended high school. They began to perform together. Later they joined with Lopes in creating the TLC group.

Jones was a key contributor to TLC’s unique sound. The group incorporated elements of R&B, hip-hop, and pop. Jones’ debut album, “Ooooooohhh…On the TLC Tip,” came out in 1992. But she left the group before it was released for reasons that are still debated.

Despite Jones’ short tenure with TLC Jones contributed to the group’s early work. She was acknowledged as a cowriter on many of their early tracks, including “Ain’t 2 proud 2 Beg” and “What About Your Friends.”

Jones left TLC and pursued a career as a solo artist. In 1999, she released “The One”, her first album. She continued to be involved in music by working as vocal coach and helping other artists develop.

Crystal Jones was a pivotal figure in TLC’s early years, and she is also regarded as a singer and songwriter of great talent. She may not be active in music anymore, but her contribution to one of the most popular girl groups of all time is still recognized and celebrated by TLC and R&B fans.

Crystal Jones of TLC

Crystal Jones is known for being one the original members in the R&B group TLC. This group was a huge success during the 1990s, and into the early 2000s. Jones was instrumental in the creation of TLC’s unique sound. She worked with Tionne Watkins (aka T-Boz) and Lisa Lopes (aka Left Eye).

Jones left TLC in circumstances that have caused a variety of conflicting accounts and disagreements. She left before their debut album “Ooooooohhh…On the TLC Tip.” During Jones’ tenure with TLC she contributed heavily to the writing and development of many of their early hit songs, such as “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg,” and “What About Your Friends.”

Jones launched a solo music career in 1999 after leaving TLC. She released “The One”, her first album. Jones remained active on the backstage of the music industry, as she served as a voice coach and offered her expertise to other aspiring singers.

Jones has maintained a low profile over the years. However, she appeared briefly in VH1’s biopic “CrazySexyCool – The TLC Story”, in 2013. She gave some insight about her departure from TLC. Jones, despite her relatively brief tenure with TLC in the early days of the group, had a significant impact on their musical identity. This helped them become one of the most popular girl groups of all time.

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