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What Happened? To Don Megowan Don Megowan, an American actor, was the Gill-man in land in the third installment to the Creature from Black Lagoon trilogy titled The Creature walks among Us. All should be aware of What Happened to Don Megowan because he was a very popular person. Read the following article to learn more about What happened to Don Megowan.

Don Megowan Wiki

Don Megowan was an American actor best known for his role on the land as the Gillman in The Creature Walks Among Us. It was the final part in the Creature from The Black Lagoon trilogy. Robert and Leila Megowan, both of Inglewood (California), gave birth to him. Megowan stood 6’7″. He was active in sports. Before joining the United States Army in World War II, Megowan attended the University of Southern California as a football scholar. Apart from his role in The Creature Walks Among Us, he also starred on other science fiction films and westerns as well as television shows like Gunsmoke, The Beachcomber, and Get Smart.

What Ever Happened to Don Megowan’s Life?

Don Megowan was killed in 1981. No information has been updated. There was a 2017 news report that reported the death of Don Megowan. Megowan was a former weatherman at CFCF 12 and a broadcaster at CTV Montreal. Megowan, who was born and raised in Montreal, was a key figure at the English language station for more than three decades. He was best known for his roles as the weatherman at 6 p.m., anchor of the late night Pulse newscast, and host on shows like Megowan’s World and Travel, Travel.

CTV News’ Tuesday morning interview with him revealed that he had learned from a young age how to discern the difference between what his dad did professionally and who he was. “And to be honest that was not difficult because he is a great guy.”

What happened to Don Megowan?

The cause of death for Don Megowan is unknown. Don Megowan was an iconic face in English-language broadcasting, having been a Montrealer for more than three decades. According to the news report Megowan was peacefully killed just before midnight Monday. According to some sources, Megowan died at the age 59 from throat cancer. Megowan is best known as the weatherman for CFCF’s 6 p.m. broadcast and also as the host of Megowan’s World and Travel, Travel. People who knew him described his personality as a friend and a good person.

Don Megowan was a performer with an artistic flair. He had originally thought of pursuing an acting career, but he decided to go into journalism. After his retirement, Don Megowan returned to his love of the arts and dedicated himself to the Brockville Arts Centre. Peter Dunn (the center’s manager) and other volunteers helped raise more than $1.5million through various grants and donations in order to restore the place back to its former glory. Megowan was passionate about the arts throughout his entire life. Rosemary, his spouse of 61 years and their two children, Don Jr. & Andrea, will be his survivors.

Don Megowan Biography

NameDon Megowan
Date of birthMay 24, 1922
Place of birthInglewood, California USA
Height6′ 6″ (1.98 m)
SpouseBette Megowan(m. 1947; div. 1962), Alva Megowan (m. 1963-1981)
NicknamesDon Megowan, Megowan, Don
Net Worth$1.4 Million

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