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Want to know what became of Drew Peterson? We will look at the changes in his life that have occurred since Drew Peterson was convicted and what the future holds for him.

What happened to Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson has been investigated by authorities in connection with Stacy’s missing, but he has not yet been accused of any wrongdoing. Currently he is in jail for the killing his former wife, Kathleen Savio. Stacy, who was a mother to two children, was married Drew Peterson. Peterson is a former Bolingbrook Police Sergent convicted of homicide. Stacy is still missing despite the extensive search. Drew Peterson says that she ran away from her children with another man.

Norma Peterson’s, Stacy’s sister-in law, spoke about the case in a Thursday evening statement. She stated that Stacy had been cherished by her family and was missed. She said that Stacy was very attached to her family and would never have abandoned them.

Where Is Drew Peterson?

Drew Peterson who was convicted of murder had been scheduled to appear at court on Monday. The hearing would determine whether or not a new trial is needed. The hearing has now been rescheduled for September. The former Bolingbrook Police Officer is currently serving 38 years of prison time for killing his third spouse, Kathleen Savio. Peterson is the main suspect for the death of Stacy Peterson, his fourth spouse.

Joel Brodsky recently said that he could reveal the fate of both Peterson’s wives. Peterson asked the judge to place a gag on Joel Brodsky, his former attorney. The judge agreed. Brodsky immediately violated this order.

Is Drew Peterson still behind bars?

Drew Peterson was sentenced to prison for 38 years after being found guilty in 2012 of murdering Kathleen Savio. In 2017, the Illinois Supreme Court confirmed the conviction despite multiple appeals. Peterson, who was originally held at Menard Correctional Center (Illinois), was then transferred to Federal Correctional Institution Terre Haute (Indiana) where he was assaulted by another prisoner.

For security purposes, he was moved to an unnamed state facility outside Illinois in December 2019. Peterson sent a handwritten request for post-conviction assistance to the Will County Circuit Court Clerk in October 2021. Amongst other accusations, the petition accuses State’s attorney James Glasgow of intimidating witnesses during Peterson’s trial for murder in 2012. Peterson’s current location is also revealed in the document. He is currently being held at the Indiana State Prison located in Michigan City. His prison number is Inmate #279193.

Drew Peterson – Who is Drew Peterson

Drew Walter Peterson is a former US police sergeant who was convicted of murder in the United States. In 2012 he was convicted of the murder of his third spouse, Kathleen Savio. This occurred a few months following their divorce from 2003. Peterson’s fame first reached the public in 2007, when his fourth spouse, Stacy Ann Cales Peterson disappeared. Stacy Ann Cales Peterson has not been found despite suspicions by the police and her family.

Savio’s suspicious demise was a factor in the investigation regarding Stacy Ann’s missing. Her bruised body, found in a tub at home in 2004, was initially ruled an accident drowning. After Stacy Ann vanished, a second, more thorough autopsy revealed signs of a struggle. Peterson, who was charged with Savio’s death in 2009, was indicted.

Peterson received a 38-year prison sentence on February 21, 2013, after he was found guilty. In 2015 he was accused of two additional felonies, including attempting to procure the murder of his prosecutor. In 2016, he received an additional 40-year sentence after being found guilty. In 2017, his custody was transferred to the United States Penitentiary, Terre Haute (Indiana) from the Illinois Department of Corrections. In December 2019, the facility where he is being held was not disclosed.

Drew Peterson Child

Drew Peterson and Stacy Ann Cales were married in 2003 when Drew was 49, and Stacy was 19. They married on October 18 2003 and had two kids together, Anthony and Lacy. Stacy was just about to finish her nursing degree when she disappeared from Joliet Junior College on October 28 2007. Peterson claims she told him that evening that she had called to let him know that she would be leaving him and her car at Bolingbrook Clow International Airport for another man.

Stacy’s family did not find her until the day after when they couldn’t contact her. Her disappearance has not been solved, but her family has created a website that can help find her. Joel Brodsky who was Peterson’s defense attorney, said that he knew what happened to Stacy. He believes she will be located after Peterson is dead. But he would not give further details.

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