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Jenna Marbles: Jenna Nicole Mourey, born September 15, 1986, better known as Jenna Marbles is an American former YouTuber. People are more interested in finding out about Jenna Marbles’ fate. We will be discussing What Happened to Jenna Marbles in this article.

What Ever Happened to Jenna marbles?

Jenna Mourey (also known online as Jenna Marbles) was a YouTube superstar. She became a YouTube star at 36 after she posted a video titled “How To Trick People into Believing That You’re Good-Looking” in 2010. It was viewed over 5 million times in its first week. In 2020, however, she decided to step away from all of it. Jenna Marbles uploaded her last video to her YouTube channel on June 25, 2020. She was revealing her subscribers that she was leaving. Jenna Marbles apologized in a now-offline clip for insensitive videos that she uploaded from 2011 to 2012. She also addressed one video in which she used blackface to mock Nicki Minaj. “It was not my intention” she said.

Where are Jenna Marbles now?

Jenna Marbles fans got their first update on her life in April 2021. Solomita announced that he and Marbles had been engaged on Twitch. Solomita explained that he asked Jenna to marry him a few weeks back. “So they are engaged.” As you can see, Jenna remains offline but is still an integral part of his daily life. He added that it was now official. Solomita has posted one image of the two of them to Instagram. However, they were not able to meet the camera. The couple wed in the year 2022 after nine years of marriage.

Jenna Mourey is a YouTube personality who became Jenna Marbles’ first mainstream female celebrity. On Thursday, she announced that she was quitting her channel after backlash over videos she created in blackface, mocking Asians.

Jenna Marbles Did Wrong?

Jenna Mourey, who has more than 20 million subscribers to her channel, made an apology in a video for the content she created in 2011 and 2012. She had just launched her channel. In a signoff clip, she stated that she was leaving her platform to “hold me responsible”. She said that she would address two clips specifically. Jenna played a video of Nicki minaj mocking her in 2011, while wearing a pink and blackened wig. Jenna also played a clip from 2011, which she called “a wrong years for her in judgment.” It featured Jenna Mourey singing Rap music. Jenna Mourey, who is seen in a hat comparing a Vietnamese non-la to her own, says sarcastically that she was being racist after making an offensive stereotype about Asian people. Jenna also expressed her regret for a 2012 video she created “ranting about boys sleeping about”. She said that it showed she had “internalized malogyny”.

Jenna Marbles Has Instagram?

Today’s celebrities are so famous that people want to know the truth about them. Jenna Marbles Instagram is listed as one of the top searches. His Instagram details were sought by his followers. Jenna Marbles Instagram Account closed. Jenna Marbles, who was wearing blackface in a 2011 YouTube video, apologized for her stance on the video-sharing platform. Jenna Marbles, who has since remained offline, deactivated her Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Fans have asked if she will visit them again.

Jenna Marbles, Who is Jenna Marbles?

Jenna Nicole Mourey was conceived on September 15, 1986. Jenna Marbles is a well-known American ex-YouTuber. Her YouTube channel has accumulated approximately 1.7 million video views over the past ten years and more than 20,000,000 subscribers. Jenna Mourey was a Rochester, New York native. She transferred to Boston, Massachusetts where she received a Bachelor in Science in psychology from Suffolk University.

Jenna Marbles Bio

Jenna Nicole Mourey was a popular American ex-YouTuber.

FULL NAMEJenna Nicole Mourey
DATE OF BIRTHSeptember 15, 1986
AGE36 Years
BIRTH COUNTRYRochester, New York, U.S.
SPOUSEJulien Solomita (m. 2022)

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