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Who Is Joana Ceddia?

Joana Campos Ceddia – a Brazilian Canadian personality – gained fame as an YouTuber, Vlogger, former competitive swimmer, and runner. She was a nominee of both the Streamy Awards as well as Shorty Awards. Her content was renowned for its ironic humor and unique style, which was geared towards teenagers.

Ceddia has had her YouTube channel and Instagram account removed on 30 October 2021. It is unclear why.

Joana was conceived in Rio de Janeiro on June 21, 2000. Her parents are Denilce Campos and Rolando Cesdia. Rolando is an associate Professor at York University’s School of Kinesiology & Health Science. Her mother represented Brazil at gymnastics, and won gold medals for the team in all-around competitions at the South American Artistic Gymnastics Championships in 1980 and 1982.

Joana lives in Toronto and studies physics, astronomy, and mathematics. Even though she has suddenly disappeared from social media, Joana’s fans remain intrigued by the personality of her and curious as to what may happen next.

What happened to Joana CEDDIA?

Joana Ceddia has deleted her YouTube account, leaving her fans angry and worried. YouTuber Joana Ceddia, 20, was born and raised in Brazil. She moved to Canada when she was merely ten years old. She was known for her humorous videos. Her most famous video “I DIY’d Emma Chamberlain’s New Clothing Line” attracted more than three million subscribers. Ceddia began her YouTube channel as a way to distract herself from not being able to play college sports because of an ankle injury. She became popular for her art videos and dropped out from college in the same.

When her fans visited her YouTube page to watch her videos, the content had vanished. YouTube displayed a message saying “This Page isn’t Available”. Sorry about that. Please try something else.” Social media has been flooded with comments from fans who are shocked and disappointed by her sudden disappearance. Ceddia has been reassured by a friend that she is alive despite the fact that no information about her sudden disappearance online has been released.

Joana Ceddia 2023

Joana Ceddia’s location today, beyond what’s been shared publicly. In May 2023 there was no recent news about her or her social media accounts. She has not appeared to be active on social networks since her YouTube channel was deleted in October of 2021.

According to previous information, Joana ceddia, was born June 1, 2001 at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. She later moved to Canada and currently lives there. She studies physics, astronomy and mathematics at the University of Toronto in Canada. Joana had a huge following on YouTube, where she posted funny videos and quirky artwork. She has also competed at swimming and running. She won a gold medal for swimming in OFSAA.

Joana has not updated her social media accounts since her departure, so it is unknown what her future plans are.

Joana Ceddia Eczema

Joana Ceddia (Canadian) is a YouTuber and a social media celebrity. She is known for her funny vlogs, DIY videos and other YouTube content. She has also spoken out about her battle against eczema. This skin condition is marked by itchy, dry skin.

Joana has been sharing her experience of eczema on social media with her followers, as well as how it has affected both her confidence and her everyday life. She has also spoken about the treatments she has tried including prescription creams, natural remedies and even home remedies.

Eczema affects millions of individuals around the world. Genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors can all contribute to the condition. Although there is no cure, there are ways to treat the symptoms and prevent flare ups.

You should seek out medical advice if you, or someone you love, is suffering from eczema. The healthcare professional can determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs and give you advice on how to treat the condition.

Joana Ceddia York University

Joana Ceddia (21 years old) is a former YouTube star who rose to fame due to her humor and quirky videos. She amassed an enormous fan following on YouTube, and became popular among internet users.

Joana was born to Denilce Campos and Rolando Ceddia in Rio de Janeiro on 1 June 2001. Her mother was a professional Brazilian gymnast before becoming a professor at York University. Though she was born Brazil, she currently lives in Canada.

Joana studies physics, astronomy, and mathematics in Toronto. Her occupation is not known. Before then, she was an active swimmer and runner. She participated in many swimming competitions, and even won gold at OFSAA. Injury cut short her running career.

Joana started her YouTube channel, where she uploaded her artwork, humorous videos and vlogs. In a matter of months, she had almost 2,000,000 subscribers. In July 2021, her account had more than 3.28 millions subscribers and 316.388,216 views. Unfortunately, she was removed from social media in October of 2021 for no apparent reason.

Joana Ceddia Instagram

Joana Ceddia’s Instagram has a large following and fan base. There is no information on her official Instagram but there are fan pages of her Instagram followers (547 followers) and Everyday Joana. They share their personal lives, photos, professional photography, appearances at events, and short videos. Gradually she became more popular.

Where Are Joana Ceddia and her family?

Joana Ceddia studied physics and Astronomy at Toronto University, Canada. She was an accomplished swimmer and runner but was forced to give up running due to injury. Joana launched a YouTube channel last year, posting humorous videos, artwork and vlogs. Within a few weeks, she had gained almost 2,000,000 subscribers. Over 3.28 millions subscribers and 316.388,216 views were recorded. In October 2021 her account was deleted without explanation. Joana’s current location and activities are not known. She is no longer active in social media.

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