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Who are Kitchie Pasaoa and

Kitchie Pasaoa, an American Filipino-American, became a popular assistant to Floyd Mayweather Jr. because of her dedication and work ethic. This earned her a special spot in the boxing world. In 2020, her interest in fashion inspired her to launch her own clothing brand and become an entrepreneur. Kitchie, a 11-year-old American who immigrated to the US, was driven and determined. This led her to major in marketing and public relation at college. Kitchie was fortunate to meet Mayweather and she became his personal assistant. TMT was built by Kitchie’s dedication and expertise. TMT also created partnerships with sponsors. For her professionalism, hard work and dedication she earned the respect of all who saw her. Kitchie’s desire to grow her business for the future showed her passion and optimism about fashion.

Kitchie, What’s the Matter?

According to reports, Kitchie is dead. Kitchie Pasaoa was confirmed by her friends on social media, March 31. It is not known what caused her death. People close to her shared their sympathies and shared precious memories of Kitchie. Many people were stunned to learn of Kitchie’s sudden death. There was a flood of messages on social media expressing support and love for Kitchie. At this point, no additional information has been released about her death. It is important that you respect the privacy of her family during this difficult time.

Is Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Assistant Kitchie Dead?”

Kitchie Laurico has apparently died. Kitchie Laurico was an iconic personality who was Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s assistant for many years. She was an integral component of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s life and was often seen together at his public appearances. Her friends confirmed her sudden passing on March 31, 2023. This shocked fans. Fans were shocked at the sudden death of Kitchie, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s assistant. Many people are stunned and disbelieved by her sudden and unexpected death. Kitchie Laurico was a dynamic and dedicated person who made a difference in the lives and livelihoods of everyone around her.

How Did Kitchie Die?

Kitchie’s unexpected death has raised many questions about the circumstances of her death. Kitchie’s tragic passing has profoundly affected her family, friends and colleagues, who have struggled to accept that she is no more with them.

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