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Mc Oluomo Musiliu Akinsanya is a Nigerian businessman, and transporter. People are curious about what happened to Mc Oluomo. Scroll down to read the entire article and learn more about Mc Oluomo.

Who’s Mc Oluomo, Anyway?

Musiliu, better known as MC Oluomo and the head of the Lagos branch of the National Union of Road Transport Workers is Musiliu. He is known as the richest and most distinguished agbero in Lagos. MC Oluomo was conceived in Nigeria’s Oshodi on 14th March 1975. His father’s death meant that he was unable to attend school. He had received primary education, but he decided to drop out. At 13 years old, he left his family to become a bus driver. He was the chairman of Lagos’ National Union of Road Transport Workers before he became the most powerful Oshodi agbero and eventually, the head of a Lagos motor park.

What Has Happened to Mc Oluomo’s Life?

Musilu Okinsanya, also known as Mc Oluomo or Musiliu Akinsanya, is a Nigerian transporter and businessman. Musiliu Okinsanya (MC Oluomo) is his best-known name and he is a prominent Nigerian politician. During the Nigerian presidential election 2023, Musiliu (MC Oluomo), was allegedly accused by the Igbo population of intimidating them and preventing them from voting for Peter Obi. This was in a series video posted to social media on February 25, 20,23. Aside from allegedly using it to interfere with Nigeria’s presidential election, On February 27, 2023 at the Ondo Inec collation center, prominent Party member MC Oluomo died. Nigerians were shocked by the news and are now asking questions about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Is Musiliu Akinsanya Alive Or Dead?

MC Oluomo (real name Musiliu Akinsanya) is a well-known figure on the Nigerian political scene. Ondo INEC’s collation center was the scene of the tragic shooting murder of MC Oluomo (a well-known Party member) on February 27, 2023. This news has led to many Nigerians questioning the circumstances leading up to his death. There have been conflicting reports about Musiliu, better known as MC Oluomo’s, death. Many have called for an in-depth investigation of the incident, as it isn’t clear whether he is alive or deceased. Some media outlets reported that he died at the Ondo Inec collection center, while other sources say that he is still living. It is unknown at this time what MC Oluomo’s current status is. However, sources claim that Oluomo was present at the INEC Collation Center in Ondo at time of the incident.

Mc Oluomo Net Worth

It is believed that MC Oluomo’s net worth is around $2 million. Olumo is well-known for his involvement in politics as well as the transportation sector. He is the chairman for the NURTW’s Lagos State chapter, which is one the largest transport unions of Nigeria. MC Oluomo is well-known for his extravagant lifestyle and extensive collection of Rolls Royces and Lamborghinis. As chairman of NURTW’s Lagos State branch, and as an APC member he was able secure contracts and other opportunities that contributed to his wealth development.

Mc Oluomo Biography

MC Oluomo, a Nigerian rapper, was born in Oshodi on March 14, 1975. He was 47 years old as of 2023. He is Nigerian in nationality. His father’s death caused him to drop out of school. Musiliu Akinsanya is his birth name. Below is Mc Oluomo’s detailed biography.

NameMC Oluomo
Real NameMusiliu Akinsanya
Age47 years of age
Date Of Birth14 March 1975
Birth PlaceOshodi Lagos
ResidenceOshodi Lagos
Marital StatusMarried
It is also known asHead of Lagos State
Net worth$2 Million

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