What Happened To Ohmwrecker And Vanoss Readout

Vanoss, Ohmwrecker, and Vanoss were both YouTubers who became popular for their video games. If you are interested in what happened with ohmwrecker/vanoss scroll down.

Who’s Ohmwrecker?

Ryan, also known by the aliases Ohmwrecker, Maskedgamer and other names, is a YouTube content creator who specializes online multiplayer games such Rainbow: 6 Siege. Evan Fong, a Canadian internet personality and music producer was born May 31, 1992. YouTube video montage videos of himself and others playing different video games like Grand Theft Auto V, Garry’s Mod and so on are posted by Fong.

Vanoss, Ohmwrecker, and Vanoss have disappeared?

Vanoss, Ohmwrecker, and Vanoss were both YouTubers who became well-known for their gaming videos, especially their videos about the game “Garry’s Mod”. Ryan Ohmwrecker (Vanoss Crew) and H20 Delirious were at the center of controversy in the YouTuber gamer community. Ohmwrecker, specifically H20 Deliberious, made allegations against Vanoss Crew members. This led to a heated Twitter feud. Ohmwrecker made the allegations in a Keemstar video. He claimed that Vanoss Crew members used to swap pictures of women. Ohmwrecker also presented a recording audio that he claimed supports his claims. However it was difficult to verify its authenticity or context. Ohmwrecker continued the video by talking about H2O Deliberious’ arrangement to meet a girl back in 2013. The audio of H2O Delirious’ meeting was leaked. Ohmwrecker continued to accuse Vanoss Crew members for knowing that H2O Deliberious was talking with a minor.

Ohmwrecker did what?

Ohmwrecker was honoured with an item in League of Legends because of his referral success of over 1000 friends. Although the item is widely considered one of the weakest, it is still highly regarded. He also served as editor in chief until 2012 and was involved in numerous beta testing activities. Ohmwrecker also made serious allegations about the Vanoss Crew (especially H2O Delicate) regarding their conduct with minors and women. Keemstar recorded Ohmwrecker in a video where he presented an audio record that he claimed supports his claims. However it was difficult to verify the context of the recording or its authenticity. These allegations led to a heated Twitter feud among Ohmwreckers and H2O Delirious that erupted within the gaming community.

Why Vanoss has stopped playing with Ohmwrecker

Ryan Ohmwrecker, a member of the Vanoss Crew and specifically H20 Delirious were accused by the Gaming YouTube community of engaging in inappropriate behavior. This caused a lot of controversy. There was a heated Twitter debate between the involved parties. Ohmwrecker declared in July 2018 that he would no more be featured on videos with VanossGaming. He stated that he wanted his own career and to be acknowledged as a friend Evan (VanossGaming). This decision was considered significant, since Ohmwrecker was an integral part of VanossGaming’s content over a long period. Their collaboration was likely to end due to Ohmwrecker’s recent allegations and controversy against Vanoss Crew. It is important to note that Ohmwrecker and Vanoss are not openly discussing the reasons for their separation.


Ohmwrecker is also known by the name The Masked Gamer and is a well-known YouTuber with more than 2.2 million subscribers. Ohmwrecker, who is now 39 years old, was born in Chicago Illinois, United States on June 28, 1983. Ohmwrecker is currently 39 years old, according to the source. He has over 490,000. Twitch TV followers and posts content that features various games. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (among others), and Minecraft are some of the games he has tried.

How tall are vanoss’s legs?

VanossGaming is an internationally popular YouTuber from Canada. He is well-known for his unique montage style videos, music production and DJ. His YouTube channel has gained him a substantial following as a videogame commentator. VanossGaming measures in at approximately 1.81m, or five feet and eleven inches. He has been a prominent figure within the gaming community.

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