What Happened To Pat Gray Check Who Is Pat Gray?

What Happened to Pat Gray? A former Branson Police Sergeant, Pat Gray, resigned. Many are asking what happened. Pat Gray is an ex-Branson Police Sergeant. You can find out more about Pat Gray’s past and see where he is today.

Pat Gray, Who Are You?

Pat Gray, a former Branson Sergeant, was elected by the Forsyth Aldermen to be their new Police Chief. Following a suspension, and HR investigation, Gray resigned from Branson’s Police Department to become the new Chief of Police on December 19.

Forsyth was seeking a replacement for Chief David Forrest’s Police Chief position since October. According to Mayor Kelly Dougherty there were five candidates. Alderman Ward I Missi Shesketh was the voter who mentioned the uncertainty of the HR Investigation, which was completed but not disclosed by Branson.

What Ever Happened to Pat Gray?

According to Branson Tri-Lakes News archives Pat Gray and Jeff Matthews, both have resigned from their positions with Branson. This was done after an investigation into allegations of unethical behavior, but before the city’s human resource processes were closed. Gray and Matthews were both suspended as of October 25. Gray and Matthews were suspended on October 25th. However, because the investigation was connected to employment and human resources, Branson did not release the report. Records relating to employment are protected by the Missouri Sunshine Law.

Where’s Pat Gray?

When Dustin Krobs from Ward II was asked about Pat Gray being considered as the Police Chief before the official hiring of police officers, Ward II said that Gray was the most qualified candidate.

Krobs wrote in an email that “We (the hiring board) recommended Pat Gray for Chief Position in Forsyth. He is a Forsyth native, and his family roots are here. He is the son of a long line law enforcement officers. Pat brings years of experience to the table from his military service and his days as a Branson PD Patrolman, to his position as Sergeant Detective for Branson PD. His more than 30 years of experience will be a great asset to the rebuilding and restructuring of this department. We interviewed five candidates. We interviewed five candidates. We were unable to find out the cause of his suspension.

Former Branson Police Sergeant Pat Gray

Pat Gray, who was at the meeting, told Branson Tri-Lakes News that he was excited to create a positive department within Forsyth.

Milton indicated that, while not all issues could be discussed publically, Milton wanted to mention some inappropriate misconduct found during the investigation and that those items were being forwarded on to a state agency to investigate.”

Milton stated that the Board of Aldermen had unanimously accepted to send these allegations to state officials.

Pat Gray Health

According to Branson Tri-Lakes News archives and Pat Gray’s death, no other actions were taken by Branson against Matthews or Matthews. The City of Branson did not forward the investigation to Milton. This was confirmed by Branson Tri-Lakes News as the Missouri State Highway Patrol. There is no information available about Pat Gray’s condition at this time.

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