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Learn what happened to Prichard, the aftermath and how it affected his life.

Prichard C. Colon, who is he?

Prichard Colon, born September 19, 1992 in the United States, is an ex-professional boxer from Puerto Rico. He won gold at the 2010 Pan American Youth Championships in the 64kg (141 pound) category.

Colon, unfortunately, collapsed after a fight in 2015 with Terrel William and was in a state of coma for the next 221 days because of a bleeding on the brain. This coma was caused by repeated blows to his head at the back during the fight. Colon currently has a stable vegetative condition and is improving steadily over time.

What happened with Prichard Colon

Prichard Colon, a professional boxer, collapsed in the dressing room of his gym after a fight against Terrel Williams. Later, it was revealed that he suffered repeated blows at the back his head during the match. This caused him to feel dizzy. Doctors diagnosed a bleeding on the brain and he went into a two-year coma.

Colon, who was then in a vegetative condition, had to be confined to his bed and moved with a wheel chair. He was first treated at Inova Hospital Fairfax in Virginia and then transferred to Shepherd Centre in Atlanta. Eventually he woke up from his coma, and began the long road to recovery.

World Boxing Council issued a press release in 2021 regarding Colon’s ongoing treatment. According to the WBC doctors discovered that the skull fragment had collapsed, pressing against Colon’s brain. A surgical procedure was required to remove the fragment, and replace it with an implant. The surgery was successful.

Colon’s injury has raised concern about the safety of the sport and the necessity for better regulations in order to protect fighters. The lawsuit was filed by his parents, who sought damages of more than $50 million from the ringside physician and co-promoters. They said that this money would allow Colon to receive the professional care he needs. But they are worried that their son will never recover to his original condition.

Prichard Colon Injury

Colon appeared to be winning the boxing match with Williams until Williams began repeatedly punching him in the back of his head. Colon told the referee that the illegal blows were being delivered, but the official did nothing.

Colon was then penalized for two points after hitting Williams with an illegal low blow. Colon was knocked out for the very first time during his professional career in the ninth-round after receiving several illegal strikes. Colon complained of feeling dizzy to the ringside doctors, but the doctor let the fight continue.

Colon’s corner accidentally removed his gloves. This led to his disqualification at the end of the ninth round. Colon suffered vomiting after the fight and was diagnosed later with brain bleeding. This led to a 221 day coma. He was then transferred to Shepherd Center Atlanta, and later to his mom’s house in Orlando. There he remained in an persistent vegetative condition as of April 2017.

Colon’s Parents filed a suit in 2019 seeking damages for more than $50 million against the ringside doctors and promoters. This lawsuit is still pending. Williams apologized for his part in Colon’s injury. He is now best known for his participation in the fight. Colon’s mom posted a video in July 2018 of Colon undergoing physical therapist and learning how to communicate using a computer.

Prichard Colon Boxer Accident

Boxing is a book that includes stories of glory and triumph, as well as chapters of tragedy and sadness. Prichard Colon is a Puerto Rican who was paralyzed following a fight.

Colon, who was born in Maryland but moved to Puerto Rico with his family when he turned 10, completed his professional education at San Juan’s University. In 2010, he won a gold for the island at the Panamerican Youth Championship. He won his 16 first bouts including an impressive knockout over former WBA World Light Middleweight Champion Vivian Harris.

Colon faced Terrel Williams in 2015, a promising American prospect with no previous losses, at catchweight. Williams repeatedly hit Colon, resulting in his defeat. His corner disqualified him for a misunderstanding after he fell twice in the ninth-round. He collapsed on the dressing room floor and was transported to hospital via ambulance. He had brain damage and was in a coma over seven months.

Colon was diagnosed as being in a vegetative or unresponsive state. He is dependent on others for all activities except breathing. He underwent a surgery in 2021 to relieve brain pressure caused by the collapse of his skull. He is recovering well. His family lives in Florida where, at age 29, he is receiving therapy to help him communicate by using his eyes and move his hand.

Prichard Colon Now

Prichard Colon is under the care of specialists at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital located in Orange Park, Florida. It is not known how much he can recover but he has made good progress. Nieves updated her Facebook status in June 2021 with updates on the progress of her son and expressed their gratitude for prayers and support.

Deontay, Wilder, a boxer who won a fight in New York in October 2022 by KO in the first round, talked about the dangers in boxing. When he brought up Prichard, he broke down into tears. Wilder stressed that it is important to be an advocate for boxers who may never experience the joy of becoming a father, such as Colon.

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