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Talia Ray Talia Ray, the daughter of Larry Ray Talia Ray grew up as the elder sister of two sisters in New Jersey. This was during the contentious divorce proceedings of her parents in mid-2000s. People are more interested in finding out what happened to TaliaRay. We will be discussing What Happened At Talia Ray in this article.

Talia Ray’s Story:

Talia Ray was 30 years old when she spoke to Ava. Talia Ray uploaded a now-delete video to a YouTube vlog in which she stated that Ava, her sister, was only a kindergartener at the time they were separated. Tomorrow she will be 15. God, it’s been so many years that she doesn’t even know what Ava feels. What she has described and how she has dealt with the loss of our connection. After their parents divorced in 2004, the couple split. Ava lived with her mom, while Talia moved to youth shelters. Our websites will be updated with more information.

Talia Ray is Larry Ray’s Girl Now.

Talia Ray preferred to stay out of the limelight and is not available for details about her current situation. She may be located in North Carolina. It’s where Gordon Ray Ray, her grandfather, is located. North Carolina is a place she called home after working at The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines. Talia Ray has a facebook account. Her bio says that she works as a paralegal at Southern Coalition for Social Justice. It’s true, she was the former Campaign director at Simon For House. Talia Ray has also performed at The Pilot Newspaper. Her last Facebook post was posted on August 18, 2020.

Who’s Talia Ray,?

Larry Ray’s child, Talia Ray. Talia Ray, the elder of her two sisters, was raised in New Jersey. Talia Ray courageously spoke out about her experiences during the aggressive divorce proceedings of her parents in the mid 2000s. She claimed her father and mother were responsible for the abuse, while her father was the one who produced it. Talia Ray refused to hand over primary custody to her mother after her parents’ divorce. Talia stayed at a local shelter for youth and assisted her father. He accompanied her to the college campus.

TaliaRay Was Just Brainwashed

Talia Ray’s father controlled her from as young as eight years old. Talia Ray’s childhood friend told him that Talia Ray had informed her about poisoning in their attic and walls “as early” as second grade. It was something her father told her. He continued to sell the lie for decades and used it on Sarah Lawrence College’s students. We’ll keep you updated if we learn more.

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