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Is Vivian Trimble Alive?

It was American singer-songwriter Vivian Trimble was best known for her keyboard player role in the group Luscious Jackson from 1991 until 1998. The impact she had on the success of the group cannot be overstated. She was also part of a duo named Kostars which she co-founded with Jill Cunniff, her bandmate. They released their first album in the year 1996. The album was released in April of 1998. Vivian Trimble left Luscious Jackson to pursue her other music-related pursuits. She teamed up with Josephine Wiggs, and the two formed a new duo known as Dusty Trails. In 2000 they put out an album that highlighted Trimble’s incredible musical talents.

Despite her impressive career in music however, there is a lot of concerns about her whereabouts as well as whether she’s still alive. Many fans have wanted to know what happened the talented musician , and whether she’s still alive. Unfortunately, it’s with immense sadness that we announce we know that Vivian Trimble is no longer present with us. Trimble was born the 24th of May in 1963. She died in the year 59. The tragic loss of her life has been a shock to the music industry as well as her fans mourning. The news of her death has been received with a flurry of condolences, tributes, and condolences from musicians, fans and family members alike.

What Happened to Vivian Trimble?

Vivian Trimble, a renowned keyboardist and singer who was most well-known for her role as an integral member of the fashionable 90s rock group Luscious Jackson died. Her former bandmates posted an announcement about her passing on Instagram and stated she was fighting cancer for many years and developed an illness on Monday. Musicians across the world has lost a talented performer, Vivian Elizabeth Trimble, on April 4, 2023.

Born on the 24th of May 1963. Vivian Trimble came from an extended musical family that included classical music. When she spoke to Out Magazine in 2000, she discussed how her early experiences shaped her style of music. She spent the majority of her youth traveling from France in France and United States. Her musical journey began after she joined Luscious Jackson in the year 1991 when she began playing the keyboard. The band’s debut EP “In Search of Manny,” was released in 1992. their debut album of full length, “Natural Ingredients,” was released in 1994. The album was praised from well-known music magazines like Rolling Stone, NME, and The Times. Through her entire professional career Vivian Trimble remained committed to her craft and her contribution to the success of the band were vital. Her style of music was heavily influenced by female punk bands like and the Slits or the Raincoats. She was not just a gifted musician, she was also an inspiration for numerous female musicians who wanted to establish themselves in the world of music.

How Did Vivian Trimble Died?

The music industry was in mourning following the announcement of Vivian Trimble’s death on April 4, 2023. The announcement was announced through the official page on Facebook of her previous group, Luscious Jackson, where they announced that Trimble was dead at the age of 59. Trimble was being treated for cancer for a number of years. The post is further stated that she was diagnosed with an illness on Monday which caused her death. Vivian Trimble was widely known for her part as a keyboardist for the group Luscious Jackson. She left the group in 1998, however she continued to create music. She teamed up with co-bandmate Jill Cunniff under the name Kostars and released an album in the year 1996. It included guest appearances from Dean as well as Gene Ween of the rock group Ween. They also collaborated alongside Josephine Wiggs from the Breeders in a more mellow aEUR(tm)60s-ish duo dubbed Dusty Trails, releasing a self-titled album in 2000 which included Emmylou Harris.Trimble was survived by her husband David and two of their children, Nathaniel as well as Rebecca. Her passing has caused her family, friends and her fans devastated. Her contribution to the world of music will be remembered forever, and she will be praised for her musical talents along with the positive impact that she had in the world of music.

Vivian Trimble Instagram

Vivian Trimble does not have an account on Instagram. However, her former group, Luscious Jackson, has an Instagram account under the name that is Luscious Jackson and also posted about the death of Vivian Trimble.

Who is Vivian Trimble?

Vivian Elizabeth Trimble was a gifted American musician born on the 24th of May 1963. She was most famously known as a vocalist and keyboardist in the group Luscious Jackson which was popular during the 1990s. Her parents were classical musicians and she grew up in France and the United States and France. She began playing the piano from a young age and her musical tastes were in the hands of their parents who introduced her to a variety of music styles.

The year was 1991. Trimble formed a band with other musicians Jill Cunniff, Gabby Glaser as well as Kate Schellenbach to form the group Luscious Jackson. The band’s style was a blend of hip-hop, rock and funk. Their distinctive style quickly earned the band a loyal fan base. The role of Trimble in the group was principally as a keyboardist. However, she also performed vocals and helped to shape the sound of the band. The keyboard she played was an integral part of the group’s music that provided the melodic basis for the songs. She also played a major part in the group’s songwriting as she collaborated with Cunniff on a number of the band’s most well-known songs.

Alongside her collaboration together with Luscious Jackson Trimble played in a variety of other musical projects. She together with Cunniff created an acoustic-based project named Kostars and released their debut album in the year 1996. She also worked along with Josephine Wiggs from the Breeders in a duo dubbed Dusty Trails, releasing a self-titled album in 2000. Trimble quit Luscious Jackson around 1998 and the group continued to perform without her and released “Electric Honey” in 1999. The band disbanded around 2000, but they regrouped without Trimble to record “Magic Hour” in 2013. Tragically, Trimble passed away on April 4, 2023 in the age group of 59 after battling cancer for many years. Her contribution to the world of music and her distinctive style will be remembered forever and she will always be hailed for being one of the best artists of her time.

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