What Happened To WTF1 Get More Info Here!

What Happened to WTF1 The 2023 F1 season will see a change at WTF1 and you can read more about it here. Tom Bellingham, motorsport enthusiast, created WTF1. Learn here what happened to WTF1 as well as the changes that were made.

WTF1: What’s the Deal?

Matt Gallagher, Tom Bellingham, and their WTF1 podcast activity are highly regarded on social media. WTF1 or Who’s the Fastest 1 has a massive fanbase on YouTube. This is due to the F1 podcast hosted each week by Matt Gallagher, Tom Bellingham, and Matt Gallagher. However, the duo have announced that WTF1 will be ending before the new season. Fans were disappointed when Matt, Tom and their announcement on YouTube about their departure from WTF1 was made public.

WTF1: Why Did Matt and Tommy Leave?

WTF1 will undergo significant changes for the 2023 F1 championship. Matt Gallagher, Tom Founder Bellingham and Matt Gallagher will be leaving WTF1 in preparation for the new F1 season. WTF1’s Matt Gallagher, Tom Bellingham and their departures shocked fans. Matt also posted on Twitter about his departure.

TF1 Author

Tom Bellingham, an avid motorsport fan, started WTF1 in 2005. WTF1 welcomes newcomers to the channel. They will be taking over from Matt and Tom before the 2023 F1 Season starts. Matt and Tom were partners in the channel’s creation for six years. They will be replacing them with a team of four people. They are Andre Harrison (founder of Motorsport101), Hannah Atkinson, Ciaran Oakes and Charley Williams.

Who is WTF1?

WTF1 was established by Tom Bellingham, an avid motorsport fan in 2010. It became a part ‘The Race Media in April 2020. The goal is to create a new generation in motorsport through social media. The brand is loved and respected by many people, including former drivers Damon Hill, Pastor Maldonado, and Formula 1 teams.

WTF1 Subscriber Count

The WTF1 YouTube channel boasts 1.11 million subscribers, as of February 20, 2023.

Here is the WTF1 subscriber and follower count.

  • Every month, 12 million motorsport enthusiasts reach each other
  • 3m social network across Instagram, Facebook Twitter, Twitter, TikTok
  • Over 1 million subscribers to the YouTube channel
  • More than 1,000,000 Instagram Followers
  • 87% are between 18 and44 years of age.

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