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What is Roomba Error 14? This guide will provide easy steps and detailed information to help you comprehend exactly what Roomba error 14 can mean and the best way you can solve it.

What is Roomba Error 14?

If you notice Error 14 or 1-4 in your Roomba(r) device, it means that the device is unable to identify the bin it has installed. To begin troubleshooting the initial step is to examine the bin’s contact. Verify that the bin was properly installed, and if not, reinstall it correctly. Then, you can apply a dry, clean foam made of melamine, like an Magic Eraser, to wipe the contacts of both the bin and robot.

In this way the dirt and particles that could interfere with the contacts could be cleared away which allows the device to recognize the bin and work properly. The following steps can aid in solving Error 14 or 1-4, and let you to allow your Roomba(r) to continue cleaning its tasks. It’s crucial to keep in mind that if these steps aren’t enough to resolve the issue there’s a chance that your bin or Roomba itself could be malfunctioning.

If this happens it is possible to reach out to your Roomba(r) Customer Support team to get assistance. They might offer additional troubleshooting suggestions or offer repairs or replacement options. Through working with customer service they can help you get you Roomba(r) back in working in good working order, and have the luxury of a tidy home.

Cause of Roomba Error 14

Certainly! Roomba Error 14 can be a typical problem that is often encountered with Roomba robot vacuums. This issue is typically identified by Roomba issuing a string beeps and flashing the “Clean” button. The error message typically will read “Error 14″The Roomba is not communicating to the robotic.”

There are many possible reasons for Roomba Error 14. Here are the most frequent:

Contacts that are dirty

  • One of the primary reasons for Roomba issue 14: dirty connections. The contacts on the charging station of the Roomba may be corroded or dirty in time, which can prevent the Roomba from making a secure connection to charger. This could lead to communications issues and other problems.

Issues with charging stations

  • Another possibility for the cause of Roomba error 14 could be an issue at the charge station. The charging station could be failing or not providing sufficient electricity to the Roomba which could cause communications issues and other problems.

Issues with battery

  • Roomba error 14 could be triggered by problems with the battery. If the Roomba’s battery isn’t charging correctly or is old and must be changed, it might not be capable of establishing a stable connection to its charging device.

Issues with software

  • In certain instances, Roomba error 14 can be due to software problems. It could happen if the Roomba’s firmware is not up to date or there is an issue with the system which is blocking the Roomba from connecting to its charging device.

How to Fix Roomba Error 14?

Cleaning the contact: The initial step to fix Roomba problem 14 cleaning the contacts of both the Roomba as well as the charger. Make use of a soft, dry, clean cloth clean the contacts, and then get rid of any dirt or debris that could be affecting the connection.

Reset the Roomba

  • When cleaning contacts does not result in a successful cleaning, try resetting your Roomba. To accomplish this, hold and press your “Clean” button of the Roomba for at least 10 seconds or until you hear a click. Release the button, and then just wait for your Roomba to restart.

Find the charger station

  • If the first steps don’t work, you should check your charging device to determine whether it’s the cause of the issue. Check that the charger is connected to the power outlet and that the power outlet is working in a proper manner. You might also test using an alternative outlet.

Replace the battery

  • When the battery becomes worn out or has stopped holding charge, it might be the cause of Roomba problem 14. In this situation you could try replacing the battery. For this, you need to remove your battery and Roomba then replace the battery with a fresh one.

Change the firmware

  • There are times when Roomba error 14 is caused by a malfunctioning firmware. To upgrade the firmware join the Roomba to the Wi-Fi network, and then make use of the iRobot HOME app to search for updates.

Contact customer support

  • If none of the steps above are working, you should contact Roomba customer support for more assistance. They might be able to identify the issue and offer an answer.

Roomba Error 14 Not Working

  • The problem can typically be solved by cleaning the Roomba and specifically in the garbage bin.
  • To begin cleaning, turn the bin upside down and loosen the screws on in the lower part of the bin (usually four to six screws).
  • Disassemble the bin completely and then use a blow-dryer at a high setting to blast out any debris or dust close to the fan area.
  • Make use of a Q-tip to clean the fan and clear the vent on the rear of the bin as well as through the hole for vacuum.
  • Before assembling everything, place the fan into the bin to make sure that it can rotate without problems.
  • After the cleaning is completed Reassemble the unit and then try to turn it on once more. If the fan spins or rotates correctly then the Roomba will work perfectly.

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