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Who is Mason Rudolph?

Brett Mason Rudolph III is an ex- American football player who is currently being a free agent. He was a player at Oklahoma State in college and was awarded the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award in his final season. The year 2018 NFL Draft, he was chosen by Pittsburgh Steelers in the third round. Pittsburgh Steelers in the third round.

In his first season with the Steelers, Rudolph was the team’s third-string quarterback. He didn’t play in any games. But, in 2019, he was a regular starting quarterback following the injury of Ben Roethlisberger was injured early in the season. Rudolph alternated starting along with Devlin Hodges throughout the season.

In his first year in Oklahoma State in 2014, Rudolph started as the third-string quarterback after J. W. Walsh and Daxx Garman. After both were injured Rudolph was promoted to the starting position and was a good performer in his debut game against Baylor with two touchdowns and a total of the 280-yard mark. Rudolph remained the starting quarterback for the remaining 2 games in the league which included the team’s win in the Cactus Bowl.

Rudolph was named the team’s starter for the 2015 season. He continued to have an excellent college experience, that culminated in his win of the 2017 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award for his exceptional performance as a quarterback in the senior college.

What are Mason Rudolph now?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have solidified Kenny Pickett as their quarterback of choice for the near future however the general manager of their team, Omar Khan, expressed an interest in signing backup quarterback Mitch Trubisky while also leaving the possibility of an eventual comeback by Third-string QB Mason Rudolph.

While he’s uninjured for the bulk of the 2022 season Rudolph will be an unrestricted free-agent in month, is still regarded as a valuable player by players. Khan stressed that the Steelers are in good contact and have a good relationship with Rudolph and the possibility isn’t shut for his return.

Khan was also adamant about that it is important to have a variety of quarterbacks as shown by the team’s previous Super Bowl runs, where they had three quarterbacks. It was the San Francisco 49ers’ playoff game this year also demonstrated the importance of having several choices at the quarterback position.

If Rudolph will not be back the team may think about drafting a new quarterback or pursuing a potential free agent. Khan declared that all possibilities are being considered in the present. Rudolph has been in the Steelers since he was drafted in the 3rd round in 2018. He signed a one-year extension until 2022 prior to becoming an independent player.

Mason Rudolph Bio

Mason Rudolph’s life story serves as an inspiration for many young footballers. He began out as a highly skilled high school quarterback, guiding his team to a perfect season and the state championship. Rudolph continued to play football in college with Oklahoma State University, where he developed his skills and became a top candidate in the NFL draft. Despite adversity and setbacks during his career, Rudolph never gave up on his goal of playing professionally. He was finally picked by his team the Pittsburgh Steelers and has since been working hard to improve his game and to make an impact playing field. Rudolph’s perseverance, determination, and unwavering commitment to his goals are an inspiring reminder that success is possible by determination, hard work and commitment.

NameMason Rudolph
BornJuly 17, 1995
BirthplaceRock Hill, South Carolina, U.S.
Height6 feet 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight235 pounds (107 kilograms)
High SchoolNorthwestern (Rock Hill)
CollegeOklahoma State (2014-2017)
NFL Draft2018 / Round: 3 / Pick: 76

Mason Rudolph Draft

Mason Rudolph was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the third round (76th overall) of the 2018 NFL Draft. Prior to the selection process, Rudolph is expected to get a second-round selection by the majority of scouts and experts. Rudolph was named the sixth-best quarterback potential in this draft by numerous famous draft analysts.

Rudolph took part in Rudolph was a participant at the NFL Scouting Combine and completed the majority of the exercises but chose to skip some of the drills like the bench press the broad leap, the short shuttle and three-cone exercise. Rudolph did take part in passing drills and also spoke privately with scouts as well as team representatives from a variety of NFL teams including teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Alongside the meet, Rudolph also participated in Oklahoma State’s pro day on the 15th of March the 15th of March, 2018. The day was a pro-day, and Rudolph completed the three-cone exercise as well as the short shuttle and broad jump as well in running passing drills for the scouts in the crowd.

The Pittsburgh Steelers traded their third-round (79th overall) and seventh-round (220th overall) selections with the Seattle Seahawks in order to increase three spots and pick Rudolph at the 76th pick overall. Rudolph became the sixth quarterback chosen in the 2017 NFL Draft.

After the draft in the draft, Rudolph was drafted by the Steelers hired Rudolph to an agreement for four years. Through the training the camp Rudolph was competing in a battle with Landry Jones as well as Joshua Dobbs for the backup position behind the starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The head of the team Mike Tomlin ultimately named Rudolph the third quarterback after Jones was let go. Rudolph didn’t play one snap in the 2018 season.

Mason Rudolph Steelers

The 2019 season’s preseason was a success. Rudolph got the distinction of second in quarterback, behind Roethlisberger and surpassed Dobbs after a string of impressive preseason performances. In Week 2, against Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks, Rudolph was required to take over for the injury-stricken Roethlisberger in the third quarter and completed eleven2 yards and two touchdowns and an interception, as the Steelers lost narrowly by the score of 26-28.

After news that Roethlisberger was out for the remainder of the season because of an elbow injury that would end his season, Rudolph became the Steelers the team’s starting quarterback. Rudolph made his first NFL debut in Game 3 of the season against San Francisco 49ers, throwing for 2 touchdowns, 174 yards as well as an interception in the 24-20 loss on the road.

Rudolph scored his first victory as an offensive player in the next week’s game in the game against Cincinnati Bengals, with 229 passing yards and two touchdowns in the 27-3 win. But, in Week 11 against the Cleveland Browns, Rudolph was involved in an extremely publicized fight with Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett, in which Garrett hit Rudolph in the face with helmet. Rudolph was able to finish his game with 221 yards of passing as well as a touchdown. He also had four interceptions in the Steelers were defeated 21-7.

Rudolph was a starter in the eight out of the 10 matches in which he was a part of the 2019 season. He recorded 1,765 yards of passing as well as 13 passing touchdowns, 9 interceptions and a completion rate of 62.2 percentage. Despite the incident involving Garrett, Rudolph remains a significant asset to Steelers fans. Pittsburgh Steelers and continues to improve as an NFL quarterback. in the NFL.

In the season of 2020, Rudolph was called upon to take over for Roethlisberger in week 9 versus the Dallas Cowboys due to an ankle injury. Rudolph completed only two passes, totalling three yards prior to when Roethlisberger came back in the second quarter. Rudolph was also a part of the team in the absence of Roethlisberger in numerous blowout wins in the face of Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals as well as the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In the final game of the season in the season finale against Cleveland Browns, Rudolph was named the team’s starter by Head coach Mike Tomlin, as Roethlisberger was resting. Rudolph completed his throws three touchdowns, 315 yards as well as an interception in the 24-22 loss.

In 2021, Rudolph signed a one-year contract extension with the Steelers and received his first game during the campaign in week 10 in the game against Detroit Lions due to Roethlisberger’s COVID-19 absence. Rudolph threw at least 242 yards and scored a touchdown and also an interception in the 16-16 tie.

For the season 2022, Rudolph was listed behind Mitchell Trubisky and Kenny Pickett as QB3 and was listed behind Kenny Pickett and Mitchell Trubisky as QB3 and remained in the position throughout the preseason.

Mason Rudolph Contract

On May 23rd in 2018 The Pittsburgh Steelers signed Mason Rudolph to a contract for four years worth $3.92 million. This included an initial incentive of $932,264. Then, on April 29th 2021, Rudolph signed an extension of one year to the Steelers.

Under the terms of his current contract Rudolph agreed to a 1-year contract valued at $5,080,000 with the Steelers which includes the signing bonus of $2.080,000, with $2.080,000 guarantee as well as an average annual pay of $5,080,000. The contract also has an unrestricted 2023 free agent clause.

For 2021, his base pay was $920,000. He also received the signing bonus of $1273,066 which brought his cap figure to $2,193,066. The total amount guaranteed for the entire year was $2,080,000 and his annual cash as well as cash Average Annual Value (AAV) was $3,000,000.

In 2022, Rudolph’s base salary will be $3,000,000. He’ll also earn a the sign-on bonus of $1,040,000 which brings his cap to $4,040,000. His guaranteed salary for the year is $1,040,000 and his annual cash and cash AAV is $3,000,000. The 2022 season is also expected to have Rudolph’s dead limit at $6,000,000.

Where is Mason Rudolph Live?

Mason Rudolph was born in South Carolina and attended college in Oklahoma. He currently plays for Pittsburgh and also spent time in the course of his professional career. Mason Rudolph was given his name in the memory of his grandfather and father but he is not associated with the pro golfer with similar name. He began his high school studies with Westminster Catawba Christian School before moving onto Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Rudolph earned a famous name in high school running for over 10,986 yards, and scoring 132 touchdowns on the pass. In his senior year the quarterback scored 80 total touchdowns, and passed for 4,400 yards helping the Trojans to an unbeatable 15-0 record as well as winning the 4A State Championship, and an overall ranking of 7th in the nation. Rudolph’s outstanding display in his performance in the Annual Shrine Bowl All-Star game was rewarded with an offensive MVP honor when Rudolph played a key role in leading South Carolina on a game-winning run in the last 20 seconds. Rudolph is also the finalist in the South Carolina’s “Mr Football” award. Rudolph was highly evaluated by Rivals.com as an all-star recruit, and was the ninth-ranked pro-style quarterback in his class. He ultimately decided to play in college football in the state of Oklahoma at Oklahoma State University.

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