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Sarah Ferguson – Where is she now? Find out where Sarah Ferguson is and if she was invited to the coronation.

Sarah Fergusen, who is she?

Sarah Ferguson (also known as Sarah, the Duchess York) is a British writer, charity patron and former member of British royal family. She was a British royal born in London on October 15th, 1959. Sarah Ferguson gained fame in 1986 after she married Prince Andrew the Duke of York. He was the second child of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip. In 1986, Sarah Ferguson became the Duchess York after her marriage.

The couple has two daughters: Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie. Sarah Ferguson’s vivacious personality, and her charitable work were well known during her time in the royal family. She actively supported causes like children’s health, educational reform, and raising awareness about disabilities.

She is also the patron of many organizations, such as the Teenage Cancer Trust or the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Sarah’s relationship with Prince Andrew was fraught with difficulties. They separated in 1992, then divorced in 1997. She retained her title as “Duchess York”, but lost the style of Her Royal Highness.

Sarah Ferguson’s career as a children’s author and writer began after her divorce. She has written many books including the popular series “Budgie the Little Helicopter”. In recent years she has also ventured into adult fiction, non-fiction and autobiographical writings.

Sarah Ferguson remains an active public person, taking part in various television shows and being a guest of talk shows. She has made an effort to rebuild her image in the public eye and is also involved in several business ventures.

Her entrepreneurial pursuits include jewelry, lifestyle brands, and cosmetics. Sarah Ferguson, despite facing many personal and media challenges throughout her lifetime, has always shown resilience and determination. She is still involved in philanthropic efforts and works for causes near to her heart.

Where is Sarah Ferguson?

Sarah Ferguson, 63 years old, is an accomplished author. She has authored more than fifty books. After her marriage with Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson currently resides in Windsor. Sarah and Prince Andrew still share a home in Windsor, despite their divorce.

Sarah takes care of corgis once owned by the Queen. It adds an adorable touch to their Windsor home. Sarah Ferguson, the then fourth-in-line to the throne and Prince Andrew announced their engagement in March 1986. The couple were friends since childhood and met occasionally at polo events.

They developed a deeper relationship after reuniting at Royal Ascot 1985. Ferguson accompanied Diana the Princess of Wales during Andrew’s HMS Brazen official tour prior to their engagement. Prince Andrew created the engagement ring which featured a Burmese Ruby surrounded with ten diamonds. This was chosen to complement Sarah’s red hair.

Sarah’s friendly and vibrant personality made her an excellent addition to the Royal Family. Andrew and Sarah were wed at Westminster Abbey in July 1986 after receiving the Queen’s permission, as required under the Royal Marriages Act, 1772. Sarah was officially titled Her Royal Highness the Duchess York after assuming her husband’s royal and ducal title.

In her role as Duchess, she shared Prince Andrew’s royal duties, which included official overseas visits. Beatrice, their daughter, was born on August 8, 1989. Sarah suffered from health issues, including high blood-pressure and excessive water retention.

In September, the same year she was criticised for leaving her infant daughter in the UK and accompanying Prince Andrew to Australia on an official trip. Eugenie was their second daughter and she was born on 23 March 1990. Sarah suffered tabloid abuse for her weight during her marriage. Sarah received names like “Fat Fergie” and “Duchess Pork.”

She was credited for popularizing Callanetics, an exercise regimen that she used to reduce her weight following the birth her first child. Andrew’s Navy duties kept him away for long periods of time, causing problems in Sarah and Andrew’s marriage. In the first five marriage years, Andrew and Sarah saw each for about 40 days.

Sarah faced difficulties in 1991 adapting to royal living. Rumors spread about her friendship Steve Wyatt. The Duke and the Duchess of York announced their separation officially on March 19,1992. Sarah ceased all public engagements in the name of the Queen following the separation. In addition, the Queen stated that she would not be liable for Sarah’s debts.

Sarah Bryan was further alienated from the royal family after compromising pictures of her were published in August, 1992. In March 1993 the Duke and Duchess signed a formal separation agreement. The couple’s separation was finalized in May 1996. Sarah chose to keep the style Her Royal highness, but not use it. Sarah and Andrew retained joint custody of the children.

Sarah attended select events with her daughters since the divorce. This includes Royal Ascot and investitures, where she was treated with the courtesy of a member the royal family. She has hinted in several interviews at a remarriage.

Was Sarah Ferguson invited to attend the coronation ceremony?

The Independent reported in April that Sarah Ferguson was not invited to attend the event of May 6, which was a royal occasion. According to The Independent, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess York, whose daughters Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie share a father with Prince Andrew was not invited.

Virginia Giuffre – a victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged trafficking ring – had accused Prince Andrew in 2019. He had resigned his royal duties. Giuffre accused Prince Andrew of being involved in the operation. It has not yet been confirmed whether Prince Andrew would attend the coronation. However, his siblings, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, are expected to attend.

Sarah Ferguson Biography

NameSarah Margaret Ferguson
AgeIn 2023, you will be 63 years of age.
ProfessionBritish Author, Charity Patron
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