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Fans want to know what Yao Ming has been up to since he retired from playing football. We set out to find his current endeavors by tracing his post-playing careers and exploring his private life.

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Yao Ming, where are you now?

Yao Ming lives in Shanghai. Since retiring from basketball in 2011, due to injuries on his feet, Yao Ming has been involved in a variety of endeavors. Yao Ming, in addition to his basketball career has also ventured into business. He has invested in winery and owns the Shanghai Sharks – a Chinese Basketball Association team. In addition, he opened restaurants both in Houston and Shanghai to show off his entrepreneurial spirit.

Yao Ming’s life revolves around his family. He lives with his wife Ye Li in Shanghai and together they have two daughters. Yao Ming, in addition to his business endeavors, is also the president of China’s Basketball Association. This role allows him to contribute to the growth and promotion of basketball within his country.

Yao Ming has a reputation as a great philanthropist, in addition to his sports and business achievements. He has contributed significantly to various causes including the Sichuan quake relief effort. His generous donations have won him respect and admiration both in China, and abroad.

Yao Ming has a high-profile in China. He is seen as a national hero. His basketball achievements, business successes, and philanthropic work have made Yao Ming a popular and respected figure in his native country.

How big was Yao Ming when he was born?

Yao Ming stands at a height of 7’6″ and is the tallest player in NBA history. His height contributed to his dominance in the basketball court. Yao Ming began his professional career when the Houston Rockets chose him first in the NBA draft of 2002.

Yao Ming’s NBA career was marked by exceptional skills. He received numerous awards. He was an NBA All-Star 8 times, and a member on the All-NBA Team 5 times. His performance and impact on basketball solidified his place as one the league’s top players.

Yao Ming has continued to support the sport of basketball in various capacities after retiring as a professional player. Currently, Yao Ming is the 6th president for the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), playing an important role in developing and promoting basketball in China. In his position as the 6th president of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), he plays a significant role in promoting and developing basketball in China.

Yao Ming was a force to be reckoned with on the court due to his height and basketball abilities. His contributions to the NBA and his NBA achievements have made him one of the most influential basketball players in his era.

Yao Ming Stats

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Career Totals:

  • Games played: 486
  • Points: 17,920
  • Rebounds: 9,247
  • Assists: 650
  • Blocks: 1,008
  • Field goal percentage: 52.4%
  • Free throw percentage : 83.3%

Yao Ming enjoyed an impressive NBA career. He averaged 19,0 points, 9,2 rebounds, as well as 1.6 assists in each of his eight seasons. He was named an All-Star on five occasions and made the All-NBA 2nd Team in 2007. The NBA Sportsmanship Award was given to him in 2007.

Yao Ming Age

Yao Ming is 42 years of age as of May 22, 2203, having been born on 12 September 1980. He is a Chinese former professional basketball player. From 2002 to 2011, he played for the Houston Rockets of the NBA. Yao Ming, who stands at 7 feet 6 inch (2.29 m) tall, is the tallest NBA basketball player.

Yao Ming, born in Shanghai in China, displayed outstanding basketball skills at a young age. He quickly established himself as one the top players of China. Houston Rockets made him the first pick of the 2002 NBA draft.

Yao Ming had a remarkable NBA career and was an important figure in the league. He was named to five All-Star teams and received a spot in the All-NBA 2nd Team for 2007. He was also recognized for his sportsmanship, receiving the NBA Sportsmanship Award the same year.

Yao Ming retired from the NBA, after eight seasons, in 2011, due to injury. Nevertheless, Yao Ming is widely regarded to be one of China’s greatest basketball players.

Yao Ming, after retiring from basketball, has continued to be active. He is the current president of the Chinese Basketball Association. Yao Ming also enjoys enormous popularity in China, and is revered by the Chinese as a national icon.

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