Who are Feliks and Marina Frenkel Know All Details Here!

Ariel Frenkel is the daughter of Feliks Frenkel (Madam Frenkel) and Marina Frenkel (Feliks Frenkel). People are more interested in finding out Who are Feliks Frenkel? Find out everything about the family!

Feliks and Marina Frenkel:

Ariel Frenkel, a contestant of season 27 on The Bachelor, was born to Feliks Frenkel’s parents. A persecution her Jewish faith caused them to flee the Soviet Union forced her parents to flee. It isn’t clear how old Ariel and her parents are. This makes it difficult to estimate the age gap between them. Photos suggest that Ariel is between her parents at most 25 years old. Ariel’s parents are a large, close-knit Ukrainian couple. They immigrated to America in the 1970s from Ukraine. Ariel’s parents are Jewish. This is an essential part of their identity. Ariel’s official biography on ABC describes her “thrill-seeker coming from a large and loving Ukrainian family,” which reflects her adventurous spirit, strong family ties, and her adventurous spirit.

Ariel, The Bachelor’s daughter?

The Bachelor, the popular dating program, is in its 27th season. Zach Shallcross, a tech executive, is the Bachelor. Ariel Frenkel is a New York City-based marketing executive, aged 28. Ariel Frenkel’s ABC bio shows that she is passionate about travel and adventure. Ariel has been to numerous places in the world, including Europe and Asia. Ariel likes to go on long walks and listen to SZA when she isn’t on the move. Ariel loves to travel and explore. She also enjoys interior design. This is evident by her affection for Architectural Digest. She doesn’t enjoy tarantulas. Ariel is a dynamic and energetic personality with an adventurous spirit. It will be interesting to see how she navigates the opportunities and challenges that come with being a Bachelor contestant.

From where is Ariel Frenkel located?

According to ABC information, Ariel Frenkel was able to travel to many places around the globe including Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Ariel was raised in New York City and despite all her travels. Ariel enjoys walking around the Big Apple and listening to SZA. According to Reality Steve Ariel’s date with Zach Shallcross in her hometown was filmed in November 2022. The couple was seen enjoying a good time in New York’s Washington Square Park. They then went to Murray Hill’s Sarge’s Deli & Diner for delicious meals. Ariel appears to be seeking a partner who shares her adventurous spirit.

Has Ariel Frenkel got siblings?

Ariel is not the only child. She actually has a brother. In 2021 she attended his traditional Jewish marriage. Ariel posted on Instagram congratulating the newlyweds, and expressing her happiness that they were married before the Omicron virus became so widespread. Hey Alma claims that photos of the wedding reveal that it was a traditional and beautiful affair with a stunning Chuppah and a lively Bedeken Ceremony. Ariel’s protective brother questions Zach about his knowledge about Ariel. Ariel tells Zach in the promo she is very protective of her. Zach had to answer some tough questions. Do you know my sister’s middle name?” What is the birthday of my sister? Zach asks her brother and seems confused.

The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s twenty-seventh season was broadcast on January 23, 2023. Zach Shallcross was the main bachelor. Zach, 26 years old, works as an executive for Oracle and lives in Anaheim Hills. It is interesting to note that Zach has previously been on The Bachelorette, a popular reality dating show where he competed in the 19th season for Rachel Recchia and Gabby Winney’s affection. However, he finished in third place and was only interested in Rachel Recchia. Fans eagerly await the results of Zach’s second chance at love on The Bachelor.

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