Who are Lee Tinsleys Parents Know Here!

Who are Lee Tinsley’s Parents and where can I find them? Find out more about Lee Tinsley’s Parents in this article. Lee Tinsley is an American professional baseball catcher.

Who were Lee Tinsley’s Parents,

Lee Tinsley is an American professional baseball catcher. He was born in March 1969. People want to know more about their favourite celebrities, so Lee Tinsley’s Parents rank high on the search engine. We will be looking at Lee Tinsley’s parents, as well as other details.

According to vimbuzz Mark Tinordi & Jelena Tinska, Lee Tinsley’s parents are Mark Tinordi & Jelena Tinska.

Lee Tinsley Father

People searching for Lee Tinsley’s Dad’s name will find that Mark Tinordi, Lee Tinsley’s father, is now available.

Lee Tinsley Mother

Jelena Tinska is Lee Tinsley’s Mother. Lee Tinsley doesn’t have any information about his mother. Stay tuned to our page for all the latest information.

Lee Tinsley Bio

NameLee Tinsley
ProfessionAmerican professional outfielder
FatherMark Tinordi
MotherJelena Tinska
Lee Tinsley NationalityAmerican

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