Who Is Austin Butler Dating Get Complete Details!

Austin Butler Dating: Austin Butler is an American actor. Kaia Gerber (American actress and model) is Kaia Gerber. Austin Butler is now a more popular actor than ever, having won the Golden Globe Award. His fans are curious to find out Who Is Austin Butler Dating. Here is the article on Who Is Austin Butler Dating.

Austin Butler?

Austin Butler is an actor hailing from America. His TV career started on TV. He first appeared on Nickelodeon’s Disney Channel. Later, he began to do teen dramas. This includes recurring roles on The CW’s Life Unexpected or Switched at Birth. Austin was recognized as an actor in The Shannara Chronicles (The Carrie Diaries) and The Shannara Chronicles. Austin was a Broadway star in The Iceman Come’s 2018 revival. He also played the role as Tex Watson, Quentin Tarantino’s movie Once Upon a Time. Austin Robert Butler was his actual name.

Austin Butler Dating?

According to cosmopolitan Austin Butler is now dating Kaia Geber. Austin Butler is only dating Kaia Gérard for one year. The gorgeous couple enjoyed the Golden Globes weekend together at a lovely dinner W magazine hosted with Louis Vuitton Los Angeles. They looked so happy. Since late 2021 Austin Butler, actor, and Kaia Gerber, model, have been romantically involved. Over the years, their relationship has grown slowly.

Austin Butler: Who are you dating now?

According to the parade Austin Butler has been dating Kaia Gerber, a supermodel and nepo-baby. Kaia and Austin were first noticed together in December 2021 when they took a yoga class together after Kaia had split with Euphoria star Jacob Elordi. They were first seen together in December 2021 while taking a yoga class after Kaia’s split from Euphoria star Jacob Elordi. They then attended the Met Gala with each other in May 2022.

Austin Butler And Kaia Gerber Relationship Timeline

Kaia Gerber, Austin Butler, and Kaia Butler were first seen together on December 19, 2021. They shared their first Valentine’s Day on 14 February 2022. Kaia and Austin went on their first official outing together, 24 March 2022. The Met Gala saw the couple make their red carpet debut together on May 2, 2022. Kaia appeared in Austin’s Elvis-inspired photoshoot. Kaia Gerber (right) and Austin Butler (left), were captured on film backstage at Golden Globes.

Kaia Gerber:

Kaia Gerber (American actress, model) is Kaia. Kaia is the child of Cindy Crawford supermodel and Rande Gérard. Kaia was named Model of the year at the British Fashion Awards 2017 after she appeared in several fashion campaigns. Kaia has worked alongside her mother on the Omega watch brands campaigns. Kaia Jordan Geber is Kaia. Gerber is the first model from the 2000s to make it onto The Big Four of Vogue covers.

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