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Bradley Charles Cooper, an American actor and filmmaker. We have all the information you need about Bradley Cooper’s relationships, dating history and other details.

Bradley Cooper, the Hollywood heartthrob, has been the subject for speculation regarding his relationship life. Cooper has millions of admirers around the world, thanks to his career that spans over two decades and numerous hits movies. He prefers to keep private information about his personal life. So who is Bradley Cooper currently dating? The mystery of who Bradley Cooper is dating has been a source of fascination for both paparazzi as well as fans. Here’s the scoop: We have all the gossip and the latest gossip about Cooper’s relationship life. We’re going to reveal the truth about Cooper.

Who is Bradley Cooper with?

Multiple sources have confirmed that Huma Abedin is currently with Huma Abedin (an Academy Award nominee). However, we are unsure if Bradley is still with Huma. His last known relationship was with Irina Shayk (model), with whom he has a daughter called Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper. It’s unclear if Bradley is still with Huma. Bradley Cooper tends not to talk about his private life.

Is Bradley Cooper married?

Bradley Cooper got married to Jennifer Esposito in 2006. The marriage was short-lived and they divorced in 2007. Bradley Cooper has not remarried since 2006, when he was married to Jennifer Esposito. However, the marriage didn’t last long and they divorced in 2007.

Bradley Cooper did however have a child with Irina Shayk (model), in March 2017. They kept their relationship private and it’s unclear if they ever married. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shahk have been separated as of the September 2021 cutoff. They remained co-parents to their daughter.

Bradley Cooper dating history

Bradley Cooper Relationship history : Cosmopolitan’s exploration of the Actors’ Dating History.

Bradley Cooper is best known for his iconic roles in movies like “American Sniper,” The Hangover, and “A Star is Born.” The actor prefers to keep private information about his personal life. Cooper’s personal life has been in the news for many years. Although Cooper has been linked to a few high-profile women, his relationships have remained private. We have a look at Bradley Cooper’s dating history to find out what we know about his relationship status.

Jennifer Esposito (2005-2007)

Cooper had a first, high-profile relationship with Jennifer Esposito. After dating for one year, they got married in 2006. But their marriage was short-lived. Four months later, the couple divorced. Esposito later revealed in her memoirs that she had filed to divorce her husband after realizing their relationship wasn’t working.

Renee Zellweger (2009-2011)

Cooper and Renee Zellweger first met in 2009 on the set for their film “Case 39”. They started dating shortly after. They kept their relationship secret, but were often seen together at events. The couple split in 2011 after sources claimed that their busy schedules were the reason.

Zoe Saldana (2011-2013)

Cooper began dating Zoe Saldana after they co-starred together in the 2011 film “The Words.” They dated intermittently for two years until they finally broke up in 2013. Saldana said later that they had “great commonality” but that the timing was not right.

Suki Waterhouse (2013)-2015

Cooper began dating Suki waterhouse, a model, after his breakup from Saldana. Cooper and Waterhouse were first spotted together at 2013 Elle Style Awards. The couple dated for two more years until they split in 2015. They were apparently very happy together, despite their age differences (Cooper was 17-years older than Waterhouse).

Irina Shayk (2015-2019)

Cooper was most famously associated with Irina Shahk, a model. The couple began dating in 2015 and had their daughter, Lea De Seine in 2017. The couple announced their separation in 2019 amid rumors about Cooper’s close friendship to Lady Gaga (his “A Star is Born”) costar.

Huma Abedin, Summer 2022 to ?!?! )

Bradley Cooper fell in love with Huma Abedin during the summer of 2022. It was his first relationship public since his divorce from Irina Schayk in 2019. After rumors that he was secretly with Lady Gaga during filming A Star is Born, this was proven to be false. Page Six claims that Bradley’s close friend Anna Wintour was the matchmaker who set him up with Huma. Although they never confirmed their relationship, it was reported that the couple was “perfect for one another” and shared an interest both in power and politics. Huma shared her story with Wall Street Journal Magazine about her relationship history and how she kept her career focused while putting her love life on hold. Bradley had been in a casual relationship for a while with Dianna, but that was not a serious relationship.

Bradley Cooper relationship status

Over the years, Bradley Cooper’s relationship status has been an ongoing topic of interest to many media outlets as well as fans. After his separation from Irina Shahk, the model, Cooper was linked to several women until he began dating Huma Abduldin in 2022. Sources say that Anna Wintour set them up and they shared similar interests in politics, power and human affairs. They have not confirmed their relationship publicly and it isn’t clear if they are still together.

Bradley was briefly associated with actress Dianna Agorn in early 2022 before Huma. But the relationship was not serious. Prior to Huma, Bradley was in a high-profile affair with Irina, a model with whom he shared a daughter. The couple dated four years before ending their relationship in 2019.

Bradley has been very private about his personal lives, making it difficult to ascertain his current relationship status. But, he was seen spending time with his little girl and focusing his attention on his career with future projects.

Are Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga together?

Rumours of a romance between Bradley Cooper (the film’s star) and Lady Gaga have circulated since the movie “A Star is Born” was released in 2018. Fans were intrigued by the apparent chemistry between the stars, and wondered if there was anything more.

A new report from shownews.today has claimed that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were actually together during filming “A Star is Born.” An anonymous source claims that their chemistry was more than acting and that they spent much time together on and off-set.

Although neither Cooper nor Gaga have confirmed the rumors, speculation has been ongoing for many years. The rumors were only fuelled by their steamy performance at the 2019 Academy Awards of the film’s hit song, “Shallow”. Many viewers noticed the intense eye contact and physical closeness that they displayed during the performance. This sparked more rumors about their relationship.

Gaga and Cooper, despite rumors to the contrary, have always denied being romantically involved. Gaga told Oprah Winfrey that the rumors were fabricated and that their relationship is strictly professional.

Cooper for his part has kept his private life private, refusing comment on speculations surrounding his relationships. Cooper broke up with Irina Shayk (his long-term girlfriend), in 2019. However, he has not been publicly linked to anyone since.

Are Bradley Cooper or Lady Gaga in a relationship? The rumors are not confirmed by either of them so it is impossible to confirm or deny. But it is worth noting that chemistry on screen doesn’t always translate into real-life romance. And the stars have repeatedly stated that their professional relationship is purely professional. It looks like speculation will continue until the stars speak out.

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