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Who is Bre? In this article, you can learn about Bre’s achievements and fascinating story. Also, find out whether Bre is joining the Selling Sunset team.

What is Bre Tisi?

Bre Tiesi is a force of nature that has captured the attention of all. After a successful career in modeling, Bre Tiesi has taken on a new and exciting journey as an agent. She will leave an everlasting mark on the globe. She began her star-studded career in July 2022 when she welcomed her son, a beautiful boy with Nick Cannon. She has now joined the cast of Netflix’s acclaimed series Selling Sunset.

Bre Tiesi is a native Los Angelesn who became a model at a young age, and has been able to conquer the world through her beauty. Her ethereal beauty soon surpassed the catwalk as she appeared on television shows including the captivating WAGS as well as the electrifying Wild n’ Out where she shared the screen with Nick Cannon. But her creativity didn’t stop at that. She embarked on her own personal journey and shared her expertise via a transformative course on YouTube.

Bre Tiesi is a woman who has never wavered in her passion or her determination. From her humble beginnings, as a model, to her many roles as a mother and luminary for Selling Sunset. She is a native of Los Angeles and her fitness skills are unmatched. She is a symbol of strength and vitality. She has been a regular on the dazzling stages of reality TV, appearing on shows such as Love & Listings WAGS and Wild n’ Out. Her lively spirit has left an indelible impression on viewers.

How old was Bre Tiesi when he died?

Bre Tiesi, 32 years of age. Bre Tiesi, who is now the star of Oppenheim Group’s stage, has a radiant presence that spells all those who are lucky enough to witness it. She is a real estate agent who has a strong commitment to her profession and unwavering dedication towards excellence. Her passion illuminates the path to endless opportunities. She was born and raised in the captivating tapestry that is Los Angeles. Her unwavering determination has led her to become one of the most successful real estate agents at Keller Williams Beverly Hills.

Bre Tiesi’s passion is unwavering, and her charismatic personality makes her a true luminary. From her modeling career to her captivating role as a mother and a star of Selling Sunset, Bre Tiesi’s journey is an inspiration to the extraordinary heights that one can reach with resilience, talent and an undying fire within the heart.

Bre Tiesi Net Worth

Bre Tiesi makes money from her work as an agent, social media influencer, model and realtor. She has worked in the fashion world, modeled for brands and published in magazines. In addition, she has gained a substantial following on social media sites like Instagram. This enables her to collaborate and earn money from sponsored posts and endorsements. Tiesi is also pursuing a career in the real estate industry, using her experience to buy, invest, and sell properties.

NameBre Tiesi
Net Worth (2023)$3 Million Dollars
ProfessionActresses and Models
Date of Birth4 May, 1991
Age32 years old
Height170 cm (5′ 7″ Inches)
Weight60 kg (132 pounds)
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States

Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi: Is Nick Cannon still with Bre Tisi?

Nick Cannon still is with Bre Tiesi. Nick Cannon’s love story with Bre has taken many turns and twists. Their deep connection has roots dating back decades. It was recently revealed that they were expecting a baby. Bre Tiesi – the radiant model – revealed in an emotional interview with E! News’ Daily Pop revealed in March 2020, two months after her announcement of her pregnancy, that Nick Cannon and her relationship had been on-and off for years. She confessed: “Him and i have had our on-andoff for years.” I’ve never left.”

Bre Tiesi has remained close to Nick Cannon over the years. She even appeared on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out before the happy announcement that they were expanding their family. The charismatic Nick Cannon Show host announced the paternity during an episode, and expressed his happiness that they were in a great place as a family. Cannon was present at the baby’s shower and his presence in photos symbolized their joy of life.

Nick Cannon expressed his overwhelming joy when he said, “When a new life is born.” Nick Cannon had already experienced the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood after his first marriage with Mariah Carey. In July 2022 their first son, named Legendary, was born. Nick Cannon shares his love of fatherhood with Brittany Bell. Together, they welcome children Golden, Powerful Rise Messiah and Beautiful to the world. Also, he enjoys the blessings of fatherhood alongside Abby De La Rosa with her twins Zion, Zillion, as well as Alyssa with her son Zen, and daughter Halo. LaNisha Col is the proud mother to their daughter Onyx. She was born in September of 2022.

Bre Tiesi finalized her divorce with Johnny Manziel in 2021. She expressed her admiration to Nick Cannon for his parenting skills. She told Us Weekly exclusively in April 2022 that Nick Cannon was “great”. I hear him with his kids on the telephone. I hear tales. I hear about the children, and I am very familiar with him. I’ve watched him parent, and witnessed his patience and insight. He is a nurturing soul.

Bre Tiesi is filled with respect and love for Nick Cannon’s relationship with the mothers who bear his children. She emphasizes their shared unity, saying “Our children are siblings”. Whatever they choose to do with their father, it’s entirely up to them. We are always here to support you, whether we’re picking up or dropping off. All about love. We prioritize our situations and children while doing our best. I am always available to help anyone in need.

Bre Tiesi’s relationship with the charismatic Drumline singer is unconventional. They are both committed to raising their baby, a boy. She shared her story during a moving appearance on the podcast “Know For Sure”.

Nick Cannon Relationship with Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi appeared on Nick Cannon’s sketch series Wild ‘N Out as a guest in April 2021. The appearance highlighted their friendship and sense of humor. Cannon hosted Bre Tiesi’s beachfront babyshower in January 2022. It was a memorable occasion surrounded with friends and family, and emphasized their excitement and anticipation of the impending arrival of their child.

The couple confirmed Nick Cannon’s paternity in January 2022 shortly after their baby shower. This solidified their bond and commitment towards their growing family. During an interview with E! in March 2022, Bre Tiesi described her relationship with Nick Cannon as unconventional yet beautiful. Bre Tiesi was a consultant at Daily Pop News and described her relationship with Nick Cannon in the interview as “unconventional yet beautiful”. She stressed the support and positivity that they shared. They have been dating for nearly a year, but their connection has lasted almost ten years.

Bre Tiesi spoke exclusively to Us in April 2022 and expressed her lack of anxiety regarding her first pregnancies. She stressed that she and Nick Cannon were actively trying for conception and had been talking about starting a new family for some time. She dispelled any notions that this was an accidental pregnancy and highlighted their deliberate decision to embark upon this journey.

In May of 2022, they celebrated their babymoon. They captured the joyous moments with an Instagram carousel. Bre Tiesi affectionately called their unborn baby “Baby C” as she captioned her post, showing their deep love for and connection with their child. Bre Tiesi posted a message to Instagram on Father’s Day 2022. The photo included Nick Cannon’s cradling of her womb. She thanked Nick Cannon for his unwavering love and support.

Bre Tiesi, in December 2022, came to Nick Cannon’s defense when LaNisha criticized him. She expressed unwavering admiration and her support as a parent who is present, happy, constant, and loving. She highlighted his dedication and commitment towards their family to shut down any negative impressions. Bre Tiesi responded strongly in February 2023 when an Instagram user made assumptions about Nick Cannon not celebrating Valentine’s Day. She clarified that the two of them had celebrated over two days and dismissed any attempts to portray him as a poor father or partner.

Nick Cannon surprised Bre Tiesi in May 2023 with a lavish and thoughtful show of love. He orchestrated the surprise in Ireland and included a brand new car, as well as an elaborate balloon show. Bre Tiesi was left feeling deeply touched, and like a “bad girl.” Bre Tiesi asserted confidently that she was not concerned about criticisms of her nontraditional marriage during the Selling Sunset season six trailer. She dismissed the judgement of others and highlighted that she was autonomous in her decisions regarding her relationships.

Bre Tiesi Ex Husband

Bre Tiesi & Johnny Manziel began a journey of promise and love, which led them to the altar. In late 2016, Bre Tiesi and Johnny Manziel began their relationship. They sealed their commitment by getting engaged the next spring. Their union blossomed at a private ceremony in a Californian courthouse in march 2018. Although there were few guests in attendance, anticipation of an upcoming celebration was still present.

Tiesi’s support of Manziel during this time was crucial. A source told PEOPLE that she was the stabilizing force in his life.

The couple also faced some trials, because life is unpredictable. Tiesi filed for divorce after a bitter breakup in March 2019. The couple’s love story was ruined by accusations of infidelity. In November 2021, the painful process that was marked by their untangling from each other’s lives reached a poignant end.

Tiesi revealed to her Instagram audience a truth which had only become apparent with time. In an emotional message sent in January of 2023, Tiesi revealed that marriage was not something she had ever considered. In her dreams, she had always envisioned herself embarking on adventure, traveling the world and building an empire.

This is life’s beautiful complexity, where dreams become intertwined and love falters. Individuals also evolve. Bre Tiesi is committed to a life lived to the fullest. She will create her own future and nurture her bond with her beloved child. As her guiding light, Bre Tiesi embraces her beauty, beyond societal boundaries, with resilience and determination.

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