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Today’s article will discuss Charles Tiu, and the reasons he is trending after a brawl at a Basketball tournament. Why is Charles Tiu a hot topic? What was the latest controversy in which Charles Tiu was implicated? Strong performances are being displayed by the Inter College basketball Championship. St. Benilde and Jose University lost a recent match.

Charles Tiu, coach of the Blazers set an example for sportsmanship worldwide. Because of the lack of discipline displayed by the opposing team, the exciting match quickly becomes a brawl. You can read the entire article about Charles Tiu.

Learn More About Charles Tiu

Charles was born 15 July 1985. Charles is 37 years old and was a former professional basketball player from the Philippines. He is currently working as a coach for the Blazers and managing TV channels.

His one-on-one coaching sessions for NBA trick shots are also well-known. The Asia Basketball Association awarded Charles a gold medal in 2011. After a long and successful basketball career, he was back in LimeLight to coach the Blazers team.

Charles Wiki Recent Controversy

John Amores, a player in the University basketball match between Blazers & Bombers, lost his mind. He started to throw punches at the person on the bench, just after the 3:22 renaming time. The Blazers led at 71:51.

If the Blazers start giving back, it can become a very ugly fight. The team resisted and seperated the player. Charles Tiu, the coach of Blazers felt proud of his team.

Charles Tiu Family

Charles was born in the Philippines. Charles has one brother and two sisters. Charles is a brother to Christian, and Cheryl is a sister to Christine and Cheryl. Christian is also an avid basketball player.

Christine is a social entrepreneur, social media influencer and social media guru. She encourages others to live a happy life. Cheryl also works in the food industry. She is vegan and advocates for vegan products.

Charles is married Clarisse Ong. His wife is also a working woman, and she works as an investment banker. Her name was changed to Sari Lazaro Tuu after she married.

Other hobby

He enjoys playing basketball but is also keen to play golf and work on TV shows. He is also involved in charity events and sports programs.

Charles’s Net Worth & More details

Charles’s net worth was estimated at $2.5 million in 2022. He is the coach at College St. Benilde. Charles received his senior education from Xavier School. He then went to Ateneo de Manila University.

Last words!

Charles Tiu’s team behavior is appreciated by the sports federation. During physical fights, the blazer team behaves appropriately. Charles won the final match by a score of 71 to 51.

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