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Who is Christina Aistrup Hansen?

Christina Aistrup Hansen, born in 1984, was an ex-nurse from Denmark who was charged with shooting three of her patients as well as attempted manslaughter in Nykobing Falster Hospital. Nykobing Falster Hospital. Christina Aistrup Hansen, a former Danish nurse who was born on the 14th of April, 1984. She was indicted for shooting three of her patients as well as attempted manslaughter in the Nykobing Falster Hospital.

In June of 2016, Christina was sentenced for four murders and attempted murders in accordance with Section 237 in the Danish Penal Code and was removed from her license as nurse. In the course of the trial lasting 27 days at the Nykobing City Court with more than 70 witnesses, the court have testified that Hansen was a nurse who administered fatal doses of morphine and diazepam for her weak and sick patients. In the wake of the ruling, Hansen appealed to the national court seeking a declaration of dismissal.

In May 2017 in May 2017, the Ostre Landsret convicted her in one jury trial for three murders. They also was found guilty of attempted murder with four convictions. The court altered Hansen’s sentence from life prison to 12 years prison. This was because of specific evidence and forensic details that was revealed during the trial that suggested that Hansen’s use of medicine on patients didn’t occur “in the treatment room or with pain relievers accidentally.” The evidence from the technical side did not suffice to support the verdict in addition, The Legal Service Council concluded that it was impossible to know for certain the diazepam and morphine injections caused the cause of death.

What Did Christina Aistrup Hansen Do?

In the year 2016 Christina Aistrup Hansen was apprehended for the deaths of three patients in Nykobing Falster Hospital in Denmark. Three of them died, including a 72-year old man who died in 2012 and two additional patients, a woman aged 86 and a man aged 66 who both passed away on February 28th in the 28th of February. The elevated levels of morphine and diazepam also called Valium were discovered within their bodies. Hansen is the nursing assistant in charge of in the department of hospital care on both occasions.

After becoming suspicious of Christina Aistrup Hansen’s role in death of 3 patients Pernille Larsen (whose character was featured in the television show The Nurse) along with her partner Dr. Niels Lunden, who was within the same department. reported the incident to the police, which led to Hansen’s detention.

Christina Aistrup Hansen’s trial Christina Aistrup Hansen gained extensive coverage in the Danish media, and was subsequently among the top important cases in the world. The case earned her the infamous nickname “Devil of Death” because of her deeds. The evidence that was presented to the court demonstrated that she was the person responsible for administering fatal doses of morphine and diazepam to her patients.

In 2016 she was sentenced in 2016 to life in prison for three murders as well as an attempted murder, as a patient survived because of the drugs that were injected by Hansen. The sentence was lowered to 12 years in the year 2017 and she was indicted for “attempted manslaughter” because there was no evidence that the substances directly contributed to the deaths of the patients.

At the time of writing 2023 Christina Aistrup Hansen remains incarcerated in the Danish prison in Denmark, where she’s serving her sentence. Hansen has been diagnosed as having histrionic Personality Disorder. It is a disorder which is characterised by an over-active attention-seeking behaviour. The diagnosis implies that Hansen took drugs on patients to attract attention. She did this by saving the patients immediately afterward, however in three of the four cases, she was unsuccessful.

Kristian Corfixen writes a novel called The Nurse, which is an inspiration for Hansen’s real story. While writing the book, Corfixen interviewed Hansen in prison. Hansen revealed, “Many people in here speak about getting to the point at which they have to come to terms with their sentences However, I’m not to that point yet.” Hansen also admitted that she is still battling extreme anger and frustration. She also was tempted to take her own life at one point.

Why Did Christina Hansen Kill the Patients?

The prosecution has been trying to establish the motive for Christina’s behavior since her arrest. Christina injects diazepam in patients to help them. When patients suffer from cardiac arrest following injectors are administered, Christina will go to extreme measures to bring them back. She does her best by applying compressions and giving advice to doctors about the patient’s medical condition. This earns her respect and appreciation from doctors, colleagues and supervisors. When patients die after receiving diazepam, Christina is commended for her commitment to helping them.

Based on the assessment of Christina’s mental condition of her psychological condition by Michael Boolsen during her trial and the subsequent deaths of patients resulted from her efforts to be an inspirational figure in the hospital. Boolsen stated Christina as a person who was emotionally driven, with insufficient self-control, and a lack of self-awareness and reflection as well as personality disorders that was of the histrionic type, with a certain amount of calculability. The information comes in Kristian Corfixen’s book ‘The Nursing Home The Nurse: Inside Denmark’s Most Sensational Legal Trial.’

In Danmark’s Most Sensational Criminal Trial,” Michael Boolsen’s report during the trial revealed that histrionic personality disorder defined by “superficial and fragile interaction with other people, a inclination to exaggerate, an innate vulnerability towards the influence and ideas of other people, an egocentric manner self-importance and lack of compassion. extreme vulnerability, and constant need for thrills, recognition and attention within their daily lives.”

Boolsen’s conclusion suggests it was Christina Aistrup Hansen injected diazepam into patients in order to get pleasure and interest. The prosecution also pointed to the thrill aspect as the motivation behind Hansen’s actions, which is a motivation that is usually linked to well-known American serial killers, but is rarely observed in Danish criminal law.

Christina’s need to be noticed was further clarified by Pernille who provided an example of a colleague who was wearing a cast despite any injury. “It’s common for Christina to put the cast of an arm that’s not broken. She could showcase it and everybody would want to know what was going on. A cardiac arrest isn’t an arrest of the heart obviously. It’s the one during which Christina was so enraged that she fractured her hand. The drama begins and she’s who is in the spotlight. The actress was delighted,” Pernille stated, according to Corfixen’s book.

In light of Boolsen and Pernille’s testimony in addition to the testimony of Christina’s former coworkers, the nurse’s need to be noticed was a factor in the deaths of several patients. However, legally speaking, she is not regarded as a murderer. Even though Christina was initially found guilty of three murder counts and one count of attempted murder One of the two Danish High Courts eventually decided that she was guilty of attempted murders in four cases because there was no definitive evidence that proved the drugs she administered to the three victims who died caused the majority of the deaths of their patients.

Netflix Series The Nurse

Apart from the allegations mentioned, Hansen was convicted of giving a potent, prescribed sleep medication, which is dangerous for children and intended for adults and her daughter, who is seven years old. According to a forensic psychotherapy examination, Hansen was diagnosed with a disorder called a histrionic personality. This condition makes a person susceptible to taking extreme measures to receive praise. Their tendency towards self-absorption that is violent and narcissism frequently leads them to engage in acts that allow them to be in the spotlight.

It was thought that the nurse may be the one who committed the murders as a result of her personality disorder known as histrionic, according to the prosecutor. Michael Boelsen, the prosecutor in the case, said that Hansen considered herself to be the central character in a strange show with the patients being additional characters. While she was described as competent, a psychiatric assessment showed that she had an average intelligence.

Boelsen stated that Hansen utilized her medical expertise in a devious manner, fueled through her disorder of personality. In addition, Hansen will be featured in a new Netflix series called The Nurse, scheduled for release on April 27 2023.

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