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Eric Smith – Who is Eric Smith

Eric M. Smith was born in 1980. An American, he gained notoriety when he committed a horrible crime. Smith tortured Derrick Joseph Robie and murdered him in Steuben County New York at the age of 13 on August 2 1993.

The brutality of the crime attracted widespread media coverage. Smith was charged with murder in the second degree after an investigation. Smith went to trial in 1994 and was found responsible for the charges. As a young offender at the age of 16, Smith received the maximum possible sentence in such cases: nine years up to life imprisonment.

Smith spent 27 years in prison, undergoing various legal hearings and processes. After completing his sentence, Smith became eligible to receive parole. Smith was released on parole in October 2021. He was officially freed from prison in Febuary 2022. Eric M. Smith’s release has been the subject of debate and controversy.

His crime, age at the moment of the offense and length of imprisonment has sparked discussion about juvenile justice and rehabilitation. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the complexities of criminal justice, their impact on victims and families, and challenges when dealing with crimes by minors.

Eric Smith’s Engagement

Margaret C. Houck was a student of law who Eric Smith met in prison. Their relationship began at least two years before Smith revealed their engagement in 2021, during his parole hearing. Houck may not have completed her law schooling and is not a licensed lawyer yet.

Houck took an active part in Smith’s life while he was incarcerated, visiting him often to discuss the case and conduct research about the juvenile justice system. Houck’s specific contribution to Smith’s rehabilitation, and their extent of involvement, is not documented.

Although information on their relationship has been limited, there is no way to know when Smith or Houck intend to get married. Houck’s engagement with Smith and his support during Smith’s imprisonment appear to be important factors in Smith’s potential for personal growth and rehabilitation.

Eric Smith Wife

Eric Smith disclosed that he was engaged to be married for almost two full years at his parole hearing in 2021. The subject of his engagement was brought up when Smith discussed his plans for his future living arrangements after he is released from prison. Smith discussed the possibility of living with his mom until he was able to get his own apartment, or until his fiancée could join him.

Smith’s intended residence after his release wasn’t explicitly stated during the hearing. Tammy Smith may still reside in Steuben County where the crime occurred. Smith claimed that he became engaged in December 2019. However, he has known his fiancee since at least two previous years.

He revealed his fiancee is studying to be an attorney and initially contacted him for information about the juvenile court system. She was doing research to compare juvenile justice systems in North America and South America.

Smith’s disclosure at the parole hearing, while not providing any additional details on his engagement and future plans with his fiancée, suggests that they played an important role in Smith’s life throughout his imprisonment.

Smith stated that “She said, ‘I loved you, talk to us’,” but Smith claimed he feared she would leave if Smith opened up to the woman. “I literally went before God in prayer, and asked: Lord, You brought her into my heart, so if she was there, you would have already witnessed this conversation taking place, so please give me the courage to tell her.”

Smith stated that the conversation went well. Smith stated that they had a good conversation.

Eric Smith Biography

NameEric M. Smith
AgeIn 2023, the age limit will be 43.
Birth DateFebruary 22, 1980

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